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Growth of population in India essay in English

Growth of population in India- The level of the population of India that is growing nowadays has increased the risk of population explosion. Population growth has a profound impact on human life. Due to the impact of the rising global population, there is a lack of infrastructure in front of the people. There is raising a crisis in education and employment. The population impact of the Reasons-We is a country of over a billion people and it causes the entrance of pollutants in the environment.

Causes and consequences of population growth in India
The population impact of the Reasons-We is a country of over a billion people and have 30 million more mouths to feed every year. There are three reasons for this fast growth in population : (a) advances in medical science has lowered death rate significantly, (b) family planning efforts could not bring down the birth rate at the required pace and (c) immigration from across the borders has continued unabated. There are about 121 crore people in the country.
The population can be an Asset-Population growth can be an asset with more minds to think, provided we are able to cope with more mouths to feed, more bodies to keep healthy and more brains to train. So far our agricultural growth has been able to sustain the strain but if the population goes on increasing at the current rate, things will go out of hand.
The population growth issuesNow, let’s look at the pattern of population growth. It is growing faster in the rural areas resulting in not only bigger landless families forcing migration to towns, increasing the numbers of slum dwellers but also dividing land-holdings into unviable entities. Both these result in lowering the already low standards of living, healthcare, and education.
As regards more hands to work, we haven’t got the necessary infrastructure good roads, railway lines and electric power-for faster industrial growth. As far as electric power is concerned, we are not even in a position to meet domestic requirements.
The RemedyHence, what we urgently need is (a) to enforce small family norms on all communities, both urban and rural, (b) take effective steps not only to check immigration across the borders but also to identify illegal immigrants repatriate them to their own countries and (c) use national resources judiciously to create better infrastructure for industrial growth.
Population Problem in India  Essay for Class12th

Write the causes of population Problems: -Population Problem of India is increasing day -day. You can see it in every corner of the world, every nook. It gives living testimony of the population. You can see its railway station, bus stand, airport, terminus, roads, highways, bus stops, hospital, shopping precinct, market, temple or a non-secular ceremony or social, in these places. This clearly shows what the population

According to the 2011 census, India’s population is 1210193422. This shows that India has crossed the figure of one billion. China is the most populous country in the world. Many studies have shown that by 2025, India can be ahead of China and become the world’s most populous country. The real fact is that population policy, family planning, and welfare programs were started by the government. In India, due to good medical facilities, mortality has declined drastically. The result is increasing population day by day.

The big population of India, without doubt,  it will provide massive force in the service sector resources that, if properly utilized, will extremely advance the economic prosperity of the country. However, a big part of a generation is a poor illiterate. Therefore the government’s responsibility that arrangement better source for their education. The Indian youths are wandering around looking for work. This is the government’s duty to provide employment opportunities for them. We have to present a lot of attention to the expansion of population and its relevance the matter of state and capital formation within the country.
There are many reasons for population growth in the country. Firstly the climate is more favourable for breeding. Apart from this, poverty, illiteracy, conservatism and shaping considerations are also other reasons for population growth. The tradition of child marriage in the country was from ancient times, which still exists in the villages, as a result of which more children are born.
Lack of education is also a major reason for population growth. The ignorance people do not understand the significance of family planning. In addition to being the dominant of the male society, people produce many offspring in the boy’s wish. But after this, they do not have the ability to uphold their proper livelihood while living poor and distressed lives.

Increasing population impact of people

Abnormal population growth – India is considered to be one of the main causes of poverty. For this reason, people live in a very miserable situation. Efforts are being made in India to improve the economic condition of the people, if the population is allowed to control, then this can lead to fruitful results.

The more population makes the economy vulnerable in many cases. The increasing pressures of the population on natural resources will stop economic progress and minimize the scope for social services in the form of education, wealth, housing, etc. Therefore, it is essential for a progressive state that our economic plan The increased increase requires some effective check on the population.

The solution, control population growth

We have undoubtedly achieved nuclear power, but unfortunately, it is still today that millions of people are illiterate. Many children in the country are victims of malnutrition which can be estimated that it is a very difficult task to realize our concept of a healthy India.
Curbing the growing population is absolutely essential for the country’s all-round development. If meaningful steps are not taken in this direction, then the day is not far when the situation will turn away from our control. First of all, it is necessary that we give a more focused form of family planning programs.
Efforts are required on a social, religious and personal level not only at the administrative level but also for the prevention of population growth. Awareness campaign against public opinion should be launched for its prevention at all levels.
The government of India has taken many steps in this direction in the past years but it is necessary to take even stricter steps to make them meaningful. For the country’s golden future, we should also take some decisions that may seem inconvenient at this time, but far-reaching results are certainly enjoyable – like our neighbouring country, more than one child can be banned in a family-like China.

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