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Health care system in India essay

An Essay on Health care system in india“The health of the people is the responsibility of the state.” This holds true for all countries. in the world and India is no exception. But the system of executing this “responsibility” varies from one country to another.

As in any other sector, corruption has made its ground in the ‘area of health in our country. Despite a huge amount oanoney being pumped into the government hospitals and having the best facilities, it is the area of medical care delivery which comes into question.

There are hospitals in India excelling in standards when compared to any hospital in the UK or the US. There are skilled surgeons and physicians in India who have made a mark in their respective fields. But the most unfortunate thing is, the services of these surgeons and physicians have not reached all sections of the population. If the benefit has to reach even the poorest of the poor, the system of medical care delivery has to change.

In India, if one falls ill or gets involved in an accident he has two options: one is to go to the government-run hospital, obviously inviting further disaster. Even if he gets the best of treatment there, who will compensate for his loss of earnings? Who will feed his family? And if he becomes disabled or dies, who will compensate his family? This is a major catastrophe even for the middle class. The process of awarding compensation of a few thousands to the injured after some years by a court is no remedy, for the ailing poor. On the other hands if he goes to a private hospital, he has to shell out a heavy amount of money. It further throws strain on the already uncompensated family.

The private hospitals are not to be blamed. Worldwide, medicare is becoming costly everyday and even the most developed countries have started feeling the pinch of it. It is true that quality medicare is expensive in India too. If you want something good, you have to pay a price.

The government should pay for those below the poverty line. And the middle class and the rich should pay on their own to avail medical facilities. Public health programmes should be entrusted to private hospitals under the supervision of the government. Doctors will have more work to do for a better remuneration. They will be inclined to spread out to rural areas. Patients will get the best possible care. Insurance companies dealing in the medical field ‘


should be monitored by the government agencies and special courts should be set up to deal with disputes between doctors and the insurance companies.

When we assess the medical field in India we fmd that we have best policies in hand. But implementation is bad. The family planning programme is a standing example, in Spite of which we are second in the world in terms of population. So, let us wake up before it is too late and workfor the effective implemergtation of the policies of Health care system in India

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