Honesty is the Best Policy Paragraph Writing in 200 Words

Honesty is the Best Policy Paragraph Writing in 200 Words by Essay Writing

“Honesty is the best policy” which means, we should remain honest and truthful in our whole life, even in any bad situation. According to “honesty is the best policy”, a person should always be faithful and truthful throughout his life when answering any question or even in dilemma. Being honest, loyal and truthful in life provides a person with mental peace. Honesty is actually the best policy because it is the foundation of a well-functioning relationship. Not only this, it also nourishes people’s lives in many ways. Trust is the basis of any relationship that is received honestly.

Honesty is the best policy Paragraph 200 Words

It is impossible to be totally honest in the present-day society where everyone is motivated by self-interest. If a merchant is absolutely honest, he will soon be out of business. The reason is that others who do not care for honest trade practices will not allow him to survive. So honesty, though a quality to be practised at all costs, cannot always be the best policy to pursue. One has to make a compromise with one’s values to earn one’s bread and butter.

It is considered foolishness to be honest to the point of depriving yourself of a reasonable standard of living. Life is very difficult for those few who have the strength of their convictions and follow a path of honesty and truthfulness. They do not care about their personal loss, as long as they can have a clear conscience and sleep peacefully. In fact, honesty should be a part of one’s personality and not just be practised as a ‘policy’.


What is honesty?

We all know that the condition of society is very pathetic, but still, honesty has its own reward. Honestly, poverty and sorrow may come in their way but it also generates satisfaction, self-esteem and confidence in a person. . It helps us to make good, loyal, and high-quality friends in our lives because honesty always attracts honesty. Those people who usually tell the truth are able to build better relationships and thus a better world.

Benefits of honesty

Being a true person in family and society is like being honoured by nature along with your loved ones for life. Honesty is a tool to live with dignity in the life provided by God as a gift. Honesty gives us the power to face any bad situation in life because the people around us believe in us and support us in every situation. Maybe, lying white in the beginning makes us feel good. However, it hurts very badly in the end.

Why is honesty the best policy?

In many years it has been proved that “honesty is the best policy”, which has helped great people to build a large empire by winning the trust of the citizens of their country. History tells us that, lies are never successful and makes situations worse. Some people do not choose the path of truth for many reasons or they do not have the courage to live honestly. However, they realize the importance of honesty in difficult times of life.

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