how to write a good composition in exam 10 and 12th

composition writing tutorials and  some examples

how to write a good composition in exam 10 and 12th
Here you learn composition writing. composition writing is art nowadays every exam like CBSE or other Boards are asked one or two questions about composition writing.  Some composition writing tutorials and some examples are given below.
Composition writing is the process of writing which use the minimum word for meaningful sense. The work of writing is a piece of writing, as a result, it also refers to something made up of something. The word composition comes from Latin Italian, which means “keep it together” and its meaning stays close to it. … Any mixture of ingredients can be called a composition.

  1. Grow More Trees
  2. Dream School
  3. Cleanliness Week’
  4. A massive fire
With the help of the words given below, build up a composition grow more trees’
(i) Importance of trees (ii) Services that trees provide (iii) Different kinds of trees (iv) Usefulness to animals (v) Need to planting trees

Write a good composition on Grow More Trees 

Ans. Trees are very important to us. They are the precious gift of nature to man They provide us with the most essential gas oxygen which we breathe In and without which life is impossible, Therefore, they are also called the ‘lungs of the world’. Trees provide us limits to eating, firewood to burn, timber for making furniture and houses, etc. There are different kinds of trees like small trees, tall trees, bushes, shrubs, etc. Trees provide various types of ’ medicines and help to check soil erosion. Trees provide shelter to millions of birds and wild animals. The leaves and fruits are the sources of food for Various animals. Many insects also depend on trees for their lives. Trees are our natural wealth and very essential for the survival of living beings. Therefore, we all should make our mind to plant more and more trees and pledge to stop any further cutting of trees.

Que. Write a composition on your ‘Dream School’ with the help of the given clues:
(i) Building. (ii) Teaching Staff(iii) Playground (iv) Laboratory (Science computer) (v) Extra-curricular activities (vi) Multi-media Room

Write a good composition on Dream School

I have been dreaming of a school which may be considered an excellent example of schooling. My school will have a big building with proper ventilation and fine furniture. There will be well-qualified teachers with co-operative behavior. We will have a big playground at our school to play various games like basketball, volleyball, football, cricket, etc. There will be a well-equipped laboratory for doing practicals related to science. We will have a big air-conditioned computer lab with good’number of computers. All the students in the school will be given computer training; Extra-curricular activities like horse riding, skating, painting, dancing, singing etc. will be a part of the curriculum. In the school, there will be a separate multi-media room in which students will learn and see graphics, cartoon films, animations etc. It will an ideal school with obedient students and well-qualified teachers.

Que. Your school has recently celebrated ‘Cleanliness Week’ organizing a number of interclass competitions and awarded the prizes. ‘As the secretary 0f the Students Council of your school, prepare a report to be published In your school magazine in about 120 words.

Write a good composition on Cleanliness Week’

Our school has been celebrating cleanliness week since 23rd Aug. 2017. In this cleanliness week, special attention has been paid towards toilets, classrooms, verandas, water tank, etc. A number of interclass competitions like poster making, slogan writing on the topic Swachh Bharat Abhiyan were also organized and the winners were awarded the prizes The main purpose of celebrating this week was to create awareness among the students regarding cleanliness and its benefits. On the last day, all the students, teachers, and the other members of the school took the oath of keeping our school, home, locality, and city clean. It was a unique experience for all students. ‘

a massive fire in Rajivnagar,
of these homeless people to be published in a magazine. (80 words)

Fire In A Slum Area Indore,

15th March 2006 (Yogendra). The massive fire in Rajivnagar, a slum area in the city, proved to be a complete disaster. The area is inhabited mostly by the weaker sections. There are many junk-shOps, godowns of used plastic goods newspapers and clothes. I went door to door to look after the relief-work. The area presented a ‘ ‘ picture of living hell. Most of the huts were burnt. Thousands of people were. rendered shelterless in the wintry nights. Voluntary organizations did a commendable job. Blankets; medicines and, ‘ food ‘were distributed to the affected people. But the situation .of the homeless and helpless people ” is still too tragic for words. Only prompt and adequate relief measures undertaken by the concerned authOritiescanease the situation.