How to write a paragraph | some important topics of paragraph

  1. How to write a paragraph | some important topics of paragraph. Here you are going to learn paragraph writing in English with example of many topics. You  observed some paragraphs. It is given below.
Write a newspaper report to be published, in a newspaper giving the data‘ account of the annual function held in your school. 

 Our annual Function.

Ans. our annual Function.
 21St October’, every year our school, Govt.H.S School holds the function for prize distribution to honour the students who have achieved distinction in the field. This year our principal invited Mr. Shree Ramesh Sikarwar, Mayor Gwalior, as the chief guest. The school band played the National Anthem to mark the arrival of the Chief guest The whole school was decorated with flowers, colourful bulbs, and mottos on the Wal Mr. Ramesh Sikarwar escorted by the Principal and other members of the school, was led the dais. 

The function started with an address of welcome by the chairman of the reception committee. Alter the chairman had read the welcome address, the Mayor came to the pulpit to deliver her address. He congratulated all the students who have achieved distinction and distributed the prizes. After the prize distribution ceremony, the students performed 50mg cultural programs like English & Hindi drama, dances and some of the students sung melodious songs also. In the end, the school band played the National song followed by the National Anthem. After that the chief guest rose to leave. He was again escorted by the principal and other members of the Reception committee to the school gate where her car was parked. 


How to write a paragraph | some important topics of paragraph

paragraph or composition writing and some examples of tutorials
paragraph or composition writing is the process of writing which use the minimum word for meaningful sense. The work of writing is a piece of writing, as a result, it also refers to something made up of something. The word composition comes from Latin Italian, which means “keep it together” and its meaning stays close to it. … Any mixture of ingredients can be called a composition.


Que. How I celebrated Eco-friendly Dipawali. 

       Celebrated Eco-friendly Dipawali

Ans. We know that Dipawali is a festival of light. But today we have made it the festival of harsh noise. On this day people bum crackers 1n a large quantity. This pollutes our environment. Noise pollution and air pollution are the major disadvantages of burning crackers. So this year I decided to celebrate an Eco-friendly Dipawali. I lighted the earthen lamps and decorate my house with buntings. Some of my friends accompanied’me to celebrate Eco-Friendly Dipawali. We enjoyed very much our family members also supported us. 


Que. Deforestation is unbalancing the ecosystem. Write your views. 

Deforestation of Forest

Ans. Deforestation means merciless cutting down of forests. Forest is very important for the healthy survival of the living beings but then too man is ruthlessly cutting down trees for its mere benefits. Deforestation has lead to ecological imbalance and air pollution due to which we have lost various precious herbs. Trees are very helpful in checking soil erosion and floods but due to deforestation chances of flood has also increased. Disturbance in the good chain, depletion of the ozone layer, increase in pollution, etc. are the results of deforestation only. Our wildlife IS also in severe danger because forests are the home of wild animals. If there would be no forests where will they live and survive? So, it is our duty to well understand the importance of forest and m place of clearing them we should plant more and more trees. 

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