Importance of Newspaper Essay

1-Introduction- Importance of Newspaper-word NEWS suggests N== North, E= East, W: ‘ West and S== South. Hence news means the report of events from all directions. The Words ‘Newspaper’ we understand a paper that gives us the news. That is a simple definition. The newspaper gives us facts and events happening in all parts of the world. mus it comes about that newspapers are reports of news coming from all parts of the world. A newspaper collects information about happenings in the world and prints them on a paper. Newspapers reach us by aeroplanes, buses, cars, trains and even carts The hawkers distribute them from door to door. So we know word NEWS suggests N== North, E= East, W: ‘ West and S== South. Hence news means the report of events from all directions. 
2-Contents of a Newspaper- A Newspaper contains political, social, economic and religious and several other kinds of news. Newspapers satisfy all type of readers. Everybody finds something of his/her interests in it. Children, young and the old person’s have an interest in newspapers. There is a column of the market report and wholesale prices of a lot of various articles of daily use are given. So businessmen are also interested too in it. Art, music, entertainment, games, general knowledge and all such things find the place in a newspaper.
3-Necessity- Now question arises, “Why is it necessary to get news at all? ” It is a very difficult question to answer, but an answer is possible. In the world of today, we can no longer stand and say what happens in other parts of the world does not concern ‘us at, all. Because of modern inventions of the aeroplane, the wireless and. other such things the modern world is becoming. smaller and Smaller. The relations between people living in different directions of the World are getting closer and more intimate. There is the question of new ideas and inventions. If a new idea is born, say in America or Europe, could we afford to remain in ignorance of it’ ‘? We ‘have to admit that to get news is a necessity in modern life. Knowledge, that we say, is power, and if we remain ignorant then we are powerless and have to suffer. Because of this, we have to get news, and the newspaper forms the most important item in the requirement of modern life
4-Popularity the birth and popularity of newspapers have been influenced by the invention of the printing press. The press has made it easy for newspapers to increase. ‘ Dailies, weeklies, monthlies and annuals all kinds of newspapers are becoming fashionable. today. The daily paper is the most popular and the most important of all. It establishes centres of news which supply news to the different papers. I use reporters and journalists to gather news and send it to their papers. also, the newspapers play an important part. We come to know of this by reading the many advertisements in modern newspapers. There are also several columns of the papers such as the sports column, the weather column, the literary column and so on. In this way, newspapers provide a fund of information to their public. ‘
5-Value-The greatest value of a newspaper is its educational aspect. If one wants to organise and educate public opinion then there is no better way of doing it than with the help of the newspaper. The newspaper helps not only to create public opinion and to educate it It also helps to criticise it so that public opinion is not allowed to go astray. The criticism of public problems, the discussion of the principles and their adoption or rejection could be done with the help of newspapers.
6-A Great Means for Forming Public Opinion-A newspaper is a very important means for shaping. and expressing public opinion. Through it, people express their opinions about important public issues. Government comes to know the views of the public. Wise and great men exhort the public through it and public gets help and direction in forming their opinion. Hence in the modern democratic world, newspapers play an important role. They express the view of the public in a free and fearless manner. Most of us are too busy to think of the great problems our country is facing, so we rely on the newspapers and accept the view they present to us.

7-Conclusion-, In the end, we have to point out that the newspaper should be intelligently read by the public. The public must keep its own judgement While reading different newspapers. That is the surest way of ensuring the right conduct of the newspapers. .If those responsible for the publication of newspapers realise. So we know the importance of Newspaper in democracy