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Now, we let us know what is Independence Day and why is Independence Day celebrated? Independence Day is celebrated every year on 15 August in India, this day is special for us Indians, because India got independence on this day, so this day is also called Independence Day. The first Independence Day in India was celebrated on 15 August 1947, since then it is celebrated till today. 

 Is there a holiday on the day of Independence Day celebrations.?

Independence day is a national holiday, the day when a country has attained independence and is known as a gazetted holiday, it is also known as independence day. It is celebrated in different ways in different countries, all celebrating independence on this day.

Independence Day is celebrated in India on 15 August as our country was freed from British rule on 15 August 1947. It is the national festival of India, every year the Prime Minister of India addresses the country from the ramparts of the Red Fort and hoists Is the national flag.

Independence day celebration at school  Short Essay 

      Independence day celebration  Short Essay 

Introduction –The 15th August‚1947 is a red-letter day in the history of India. On this day we became free. It has become our national festival. This day is celebrated over the country with untold gaiety.
Preparations- This year great preparations were made for the Independence Day celebrations. The college building and the ground were cleaned and decorated. 
 Flag hoisting-At 8 a. m. we all assembled in the prayer ground. There was our national flag on a high pole. The Principal hoisted the national flag. The National Anthem was sung. We all saluted the flag.
Messages, speeches, and songs Shri Ram Kumar Verma read out the messages of the Education Minister and the Director of Education. Then turn by turn many students made their speeches.
All the students sang a patriotic song. Some teachers also made their Speech On independence day.  In the end, the Principal made an impressive speech. He told us about the importance of the day.

 Conclusion –In this way the day passed happily. We were free to form homework assigned by teachers. At about 10:30 a.m. the function was over. After the distribution of sweets, We returned home happily where my parents and my younger brother were eagerly waiting for me.

Independence day celebration at our school Essay 300 Words


1. Introduction- 15 August (independence day) is a proud day for every Indian. On this glorious day, Indians were victorious in their struggle for freedom. They ended the black rule of the whites and closed the disgraceful chapter of slavery once for ail. Therefore, it is. celebrated as victory day every year am? everywhere in India. This year it is celebrated in our city in a remarkable manner. 

2. Flag hoisting-On this day whole city was a stir. from’ early in the morning. People began collecting in parks, schools, offices for the hoisting of the flag. In my school Swami/ Vivekananda. ji unfurled the national flag among loud clappings. Then well trained, students presented an impressive march past, After it, thrilling poems were recited and inspiring speeches were delivered; In the end, the sweets were distributed. 

3 Procession-At 2 P. M. a gorgeous procession was taken out. Well adorned twelve elephants walked gracefully in the front. They were followed by our jawans with sparkling guns. Jet aircraft:

zoomed in the sky. Behind the smartly dressed army, cultural; pageant moved splendidly. Music bands and artists presented sweet music, charming dances and excellent variety of pleasing songs. Last ‘ of all rolled a sea of hum en Elands as far as eyes could see. Ladies showered flowers a sea of human hands as far as eyes could see. cannet describes the happiness of people oniSth August. ’ _ ‘

4. Meeting~At 4 P. M. a large meeting was held. Shrimati Sucheta Kriplani paid glowing tributes to the martyrs am! asked the people to defend their hard-earned freedom with all their might and ‘ co-operate with the government in implementing five-year plans.

 5. Illumination-In the evening people walked about the streets to witness the festival of light. As the sun’ went down the whole city. turned into a fairyland. At several places, there was a ‘ spectacular display of fireworks and the buildings were so artistical_!y illuminated that night turned into a day. ‘

6. A Conclusion- A great scholar once said, “What light is to the eyes, what air is to the lungs, what blood is to the heart, liberty. _ is to the soul of man.” Of’ course there is nothing like liberty on earth. But liberty has no meaning unless there is justice for all India cannot be called free till large masses of people are slaves to them. few capitalists in the country. Only after economic freedom, India ‘ can celebrate 15th August with inner joy and a true delight. 

 National Festival, independence day celebration  At School Function

l.Introduction-: Fifteenth of August is a Proudly day for the whole of India because we achieved the long-cherished independence on the 15th of August 1947. We had to struggle hard for a long time. Our national leaders were put to severe sufferings by the foreign rulers. Many times the British rulers tired on the innocent crowd of freedom fighters as in ‘Jaliyanwala Bagh’. But this black rule did not last long and we got the glorious victory.

2 Dawn of Independence. With the dawn of independence, the cha apter of slavery was closed and we had our own government with the Prime Ministership of Pt.Jawahar Lal  Nehru. In memory of this glorious victory, we celebrate this auspicious day With every year.

3 Flag Hoisting and Procession: Independence day is celebrated in our school every year in a remarkable manner. This year also we assembled in the school in the early morning at 7 00 am. Our honorable Principal unfurled the national flag followed by the singing of National Anthem. Then there was the ceremonial march-past by the NNC troop of our school. The Principal took the salute and read out the message of the Chief Minister of our state. After that, the whole school started on a colorful procession and took around the town. Many guardians and government officials joined us on the way

4. Back at School: On the return of the procession to school premises‚ it turned Into a meeting under the chairmanship of the Municipal President Short speeches of national importance were delivered. National poems were recited. The huge crowd of the general public and guardians were very much impressed. At the end, sweets were distributed to the students by the people of the town.

5. The Colourful Evening: In the evening a program of games and sports Was held A huge crowd had assembled to watch the performance of students The guidance of our teachers were very much praised by everybody. Just before sunset the National Flag Was pulled down with honour. Later the whole of the school building was illuminated’artistically with small bulbs of different colours.

6_. Conclusion: Thus the independence day was celebrated with great rejoicing. Now we have gained political liberty. But it is not enough. We have to struggle hard to get rid of illiteracy and poverty. The government of India has done a lot in this direction yet much is left to be done. Our former President, Abdul Kalam’s vision that India will become a developed country by 2020 will come true if we make it a mission and fulfill it with action.

 Independence Day Celebrations Essay 250 words

Introduction-The 15th August is a very important day in the national history of India. On this day m 1947, we cast off the bonds of ‘slavery and became free from the foreign rule. The anniversary of this day IS celebrated every year all over the country.

Flag-hoisting Ceremony-The independence day was celebrated with festivity1 in our college last year. Many days before we had been införmed about the programme of this important day. The ‘Zag-Izoisting2 ceremony took place at 6.30 am. At 7 a.m.‚ along

recession was led by our teacher. This procession took a refund of the whole town. On the way, we met crowds of people holding tricolour flags in their hands and shouting slogans of ‘J ai Hind’, ‘Bharat Mata-ki-Jai’.

 Meetings of Teachers and Students-We gathered at an open place for a huge meeting. The teacher and students of all the schools of the town were present at this meeting. The meeting was attended by a large number of other people belonging to the town and the adjoining ‘ villages. The programme of the meeting was long. The meeting began “with the national song and ended with the Presidential speech delivered by the Principal of our college. I myself read out a poem to the audience. Many other people made speeches praising the bravery and courage of the great mazrtyrs3 like Subhash Chandra Bose and Bhagat Singh. Many of them praised the courage,enthus1asm, and perservence4 of our other great national leaders. The meeting ended at 12 a.m. and sweets were distributed to all the students. We returned home at 1 p.m.

Decoration and lighting-In the evening the whole town was decorated with flags and buntings. Pictures of great national leaders were hung on the walls of the houses and shops. The market was lit up with electric bulbs and oil lamps. In fact the day was celeberated like a