No work is superior or inferior in itself. Work is work. It is absolutely wrong to consider any work as high or low. The work itself is a dignity. Every work has some dignity attached to it. It is improper for anybody to think that a certain kind of work is undignified or below his status. No work is mean or low. Sweeping, cleaning, spinning, washing and even disposal of nightsoil were done by the inmates of the ashram. 

The dignity of labour means that every kind of work is dignified. It also implies that dignity can be achieved only by hard work. Great men have said that work is worship. However, we often see that some people scoff at others who engage in what is called ‘menial’ work. Just imagine how difficult and unsanitary it would be for us if the sweepers didn’t collect our garbage or if our domestic servants didn’t help us with housekeeping or if the construction workers didn’t turn up for work. ()ur labour force is the backbone of our country. It is the reason why we can slide through life comfortably. But unfortunately, they are not given the respect they deserve. They are treated with humiliation. And many jobs are given colloquial names that are derogatory. However, those who do not understand the concept of the dignity of labour are too shallow to realize the importance of these jobs in helping us lead comfortable lives and take care of our needs and sanitary facilities. 
F hose doing manual work is looked down upon. They are considered as low people80mg sort of taboo or indignity is attached to persons who do manual labour. Carpenters, mechanics, 

masons, porters, and Riksha pullers are looked down upon as inferior creatures. One of the important causes of the present problem Of large scale educated unemployment is this Spirit of aversion to manual labour. 

Those who are engaged in manual labour should not suffer from an inferiority complex. They should have a devotion to work and faith in the sacredness of the work that they do. Rich and educated people owe a great responsibility in this regard. They must give up this false notion and should inculcate in themselves the 

idea of the dignity of labour. By doing so they would be doing a great service to themselves. their society and country. We must thereby learn to respect all professions and realise that dignity comes with a job done honestly. No work can be categorized as inferior to another’s because it serves an important purpose in the complex web and should be respected for the same. Work, of any kind, is worship and we must always remember that and treat all those around us with the respect they indeed deserve.

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