Leisure time Essay | Learn best ways to utilise
Lear best ways to utilise your leisure time Essay in 400 Words
-Investing leisure time is an art. Every Person wants to do something hisleisure time. Fortunately, I am not a dull, slow-witted student I do not boast when I say that I possess brain power above the average. Hence I am able to prepare my lessons and do my homework in much less time than the average student. I do not like to be a bookworm or over studious. So I have enough leisure to do what I like.


leisure time In the morning walk: I go for long‘walks in the early morning. I go all alone and I think of nothing in particular. I give myself up to the Sights and sounds of nature. In other words, I feast my eyes and ears on the beauties of nature. My morning walks with’ eyes and ears and mind and heart open to keep me physically and mentally fit and give me new. experiences daily.


leisure time  In the evening-I devote my leisure in the’ evening to two things. One of them is table tennis. It is a difficult game. I am not very good at it. It requires regular practice which ‘I am unable to do. For I give part of my free evening time to the conversation with my friends and. others. In fact, I am more fond of lively conversation than games and sports. There is too much emphasis on written work in our system of education. Speaking is very much neglected, though its‘importance cannot be belittled. Speech enriches our personality. It sharpens our mind. As Bacon says, “Speech maketh a ready man.”

I invest my leisure time in learning electrical work: Electricity has attracted me from’ my very early years. It has now become my hobby to acquire technical knowledge of electricity. There is a friend of my father, who is a very good’ electrician. I take my practical lessons from him during my free hours. I am now able to remove most of the troubles in the electrical fittings of my house.

I invest my leisure time   In reading, books of general interest– I do not study for my college just before going to sleep. At this time I read books of general interest. I like to read books about adventures and science fiction. ButI prefers biographies of great men.

Conclusion-Leisure is a pleasure for those who know what to do with it. It is boredom for other people. Fortunately, I do not belong to the second class of people.


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