Mahadevi Varma: a social reformer and feminist writer short note

Mahadevi Verma was a social reformer and feminist writer. She earned a name for herself in a male-centric literary and social world. She is remembered as a dignified woman. Mahadevi Varma always wore khadi saris and wrote poems. She was a Hindi poet, freedom fighter, novelist, poet, short-story writer. Alma mater, Allahabad University, Sanskrit. Period, 20th century. Literary movement, Chhayavaad

Mahadevi Verma Ji is known for his Hindi poems, memoir, drawing and essay. Mahadevi Verma was also a social reformer along with a skilled poet. They took several revolutionary steps to seize women and get them their rights. Mahadevi Verma was one of the four pillars of Chayabad era. People used to call them the Mira of the modern age. The poet Suryakant Tripathi, Nirala Ji called Mahadevi Verma as Saraswati of Hindi literature.
Mahadevi Varma a social reformer and feminist writer. She is a great poet of Hindi literature, who has sacrificed all his life in public-spiritedness work. In the writings of Mahadevi Verma, the bad behaviour of society appears to women. He used Hindi, Bangla and Sanskrit words in his writings in a very simple way. She is also among the 50 most successful women of India. Mahadevi Verma and Subhadra Kumari Chauhan were friends since childhood.

Full Name – Mahadevi Swaroop Narayan Varma
Birth – March 26, 1907
Birthplace – Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
Father – Mr. Govind Prasad Verma
Mother – Hemariani Devi
Marriage – Shri Swaroop Narayan Verma

Mahadevi Verma was born on March 24, 1907, in the prosperous Kayastha family of Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh, on Holi. Early education took place in Indore where Mahadevi Ji’s father was a teacher. The father had arranged for the teacher at home only for the elementary education of the daughter.
Further education was obtained from Jabalpur and they were married at the very young age of Dr. Swaroop Narayan Verma. After marriage, Mahadevi Verma continued to live with his family and continued his studies. Mahadevi Verma went to Allahabad University for higher education and got a Master’s Degree in Sanskrit from Allahabad University.

Establishment of Women University

Mahadevi Varma a social reformer and feminist writer. She has established ‘Prayag Mahila Vidyapeeth’ in Allahabad with its efforts. She was also the principal and vice-chancellor. Mahadevi Verma was influenced by Hindi-teacher and started writing poetry in Braj Bhasha. At the same time, she wrote a hundred Chand  Karuna Ras. In 1932, he took charge of the women’s leading magazine ‘Chand’. After joining the teaching work in Prayag, Mahadevi Varma became involved in literary activities from day to day due to deep love for Hindi. He not only edited ‘Chandrama’ but also for establishing ‘Literature Parliament’ in Prayag for the promotion of Hindi. He edited the ‘literary’ monthly and also established the ‘Rangwani’ theatrical institution.
Poems of Mahadevi Verma – Poems of Mahadevi Varma. Many of his poems were published with different titles, but they have taken all the poems from their given compositions.
  1. Nihar (1930)
  2. Rashmi (1932)
  3. Neerja (1934)
  4. Evening song (1936)
  5. Deepshikha (1939)
  6. Aghinline (1990, published after his death)
Mahadevi Ji wrote many well-known stories in a unique style like-
  1. Screenshot of Past
  2. Memory lines
  3. Work of awake
  4. Ghee

Mahadevi Varma’s prestigious awards

The creative work of Mahadevi Verma had only brought him to a higher position in the Hindi language world. In 1934, the Hindi Sahitya Sammelan for his “Neerja” composed by him honoured him with the prestigious honour of secrets. Her collection of poetry (Yum, 1936) received the Jayapith Award, which is India’s highest honour in the field of literature.

Padam Bhushan

The Indian government provided him Padam Bhushan, the first woman to receive the Sahitya Akademi Grant’s award in 1979. In 1988, the Indian government gave him Padma Vibhushan, which is the second-highest civilian honour of the Government of India.

Mahadevi Verma’s death-

You have lived your entire life in Allahabad and practised literature and your contribution to the modern poetic world will be unforgettable. The pain in your work is considered invaluable for your emotional intensity and for these reasons you are also called the Merry of the modern era. Feeling and doing is the identity of your work. Mahadevi Verma died on September 11, 1987.