Mahatma Gandhi Essay in English with outline

l. Introduction.
2. Birth and education.
3. As a Barrister.
4. His political career.
5. Truth and non-violence.
6. His death.
7. Conclusion.

Mahatma Gandhi Essay start

1. Introduction of  Mahatma Gandh Essay -There are many great leaders in India. Mahatma Gandhi is one of them. He lived for our country, not for himself. He fought for freedom of our country, by means of non-violence and truth. He is the father of our nation. He gained popularity not only in India but all over the world.

2. Birth and education: He was born on October 2, 1869, at Porbandar in Gujarat. His full name was Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi. His father’s name was Karamchand Gandhi. He was in the service of the state. His mother P‘utlihai was a religious lady. His wife was Kasturba bai Gandhi. His early education completed _ in Porbandar and Rajkot. After his early education, he went to England for higher education study of law. There he became a barrister. He returned to India as a lawyer.

3. As a Barrister: In London, he became the barrister. As a barrister, he went to South Africa to plead a case. He lost the case. He did not become as famous as a lawyer. He never attracted towards the legal profession. His field of work was politics.

4. His political career: His political career started with his trip to South Africa where he made his struggle for the betterment of coloured people. After returning to India, he Joined the freedom Movement for freedom of India. Ncm-cooperation and civil Disobedience were the popular movements started by him. In 1930,1113 started the historic Dandi March to break the “Salt Law. ” The Quit India Movement of 1942 was the movement to compel the British to leave India. India got her freedom on 15” August 1947.

5. Truth and Non-violence: Truth and non-violence were his two powerful weapons. These were his unfailing weapon. With the help of these weapons, he forced the British Government to leave India. Gandhiji ts admired for his principles of truth and non-violence. Today the people of India, as well as the whole world, remember him for these principles.

6. His death: On 30″ January. I948 he was shot dead by a person Nathuram Godse. The last word emitted from his mouth was “Hey Ramff He is immortal in our heart in spite of his death.

7. Conclusion: Mahatma Gandhi was a great leader and a saint. if we turn the pages of Indian history, we find Web Directory enough proof of his greatness. His ideal lifers a source of inspiration to future generations, “a nut