paragraph writing  on   Beggars cannot be choosers

A person who begs has no right to grumble about I give what to him. However, that does not mean that the giver may give anything even if it is harmful or useless. If begging is a crime, then giving something that may prove harmful is no less a crime. Necessity may drive a person or a nation to beg for help, but it does not rob one of one’s right to live. A donor must never exploit a beggar for his helplessness. There are individuals who beg as an occupation and as a means of livelihood. They deserve to be treated but not. Sometimes people are forced to beg because of dire circumstances, they should treat them with compassion. A beggar may not have any right to choose, but he does not have to be subjected to the humility of accepting what is rotten and unhealthy for human consumption. Circumstances should not rob him of his essential human dignity.

 paragraph writing  of    Building castles in the air

Just close your eyes and transport yourself to a World of fantasy and imagination. Life would be dreary if a man did not have this infinite capacity to imagine and relieve the boredom of his life. However, it should not be allowed into becoming a habit. Living in a fancy world, far removed from reality may ease the mind, but it can’t replace actions if we want to bring to life some of these dreams woven by imagination. Many people spend their entire lives talking big. They do nothing to translate their aspirations into reality. Life just remains an enigma for them as they never apply their imagination and intelligence to unravel its mystery. It is easy to indulge in fanciful talk but it is very difficult to give concrete shape to one’s dream. The world of imagination far removed from reality provides momentary pleasure. But if one wants to attain one’s aspirations, building castles in the air will not be of any use.

  paragraph writing  of Charity begins at home

Any good act must have its beginning from one’s own environment. Thus, a child must be taught his first lesson in self-sacrifice, at home by learning to share with his brother and sisters. This is an important lesson if one has to grow up as a considerate, living person. Every relationship involves a certain amount of surrender of one’s self-interest. One who grows up to be self-centred can never make friends. I can never expect him to rise to any occasion

that demands to keep others’ interest before self. There are innumerable instances in,

 paragraph writing of Courtesy costs nothing

Courtesy means being kind and polite to others. It costs nothing to be considerate and gentle to our fellow men. A kind, a courteous person is likely to make friends more than a rude person. He can easily charm people with his easy manners, gentleness and kindness. People often make enemies for the simple reason that they are callous and unkind. They do not think twice before speaking rudely and are totally oblivious to the effect their behaviour has on others. It certainly is not a sign of good breeding. Where kind, words can cheer the heart of a desolate soul, unkind words can plunge him into a deeper depression. One does not realise how much harm one can do by being unpleasant and impolite. One should never forget one’s manner at any time in life. You never know when you kid words may fill a heart’with cheer and happiness and earn you the blessing of that person. It feels good to make others happy, especially, when it costs nothing.
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