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1-My hobby essay in English 10-12 class

How to write My hobby Essay in English?
“My Hobby Essay in English,10, 12 class. Below you Find paragraph, long and short essay on My Hobby in the English language for your Kids, Children, and Students.
My hobby essay in English-write an essay for my hobby essay in English. Each person has different hobbies and interests. There are various kinds of hobbies. Some people have a choice of Singing, dancing, reading. But some people have choice writing, swimming and collecting coins stamps are popular hobbies like always happy and slimes, some people write an essay on hobby reading books. The hobby is a good time pass, When we are free We can adopt a work to do, which keeps us busy and do a lot of fun. but my favorite hobby is drawing Breakout.
1.Introduction: A hobby is a work we adapt to pass our spare time. A hobby is never regular work. It is the work we do for our fun and pleasure. A hobby keeps us busy in our spare time. This work is a hobby it does which with one’s own willingness It may be physical or mental activity. It depends on one’s own interest I should do it with devotion
 2. My Hobby: Gardening is my hobby. I love plants, flowers, greenery very much. My hobby gives me pleasure and keeps me fit. I am a lover of nature, so I love to spend my time in my ‘garden. My parents, friends, brother, and sister also help me with gardening. It gives me mental peace. I am very much interested. Every day after returning from school I work in the garden. At first, I clean the garden ‘ then I water the plants. Sometimes Dig the soil and prepare new nursery breeds. I uproot the unwanted plants to keep the garden clean and beautiful.
3. Advantages of my Hobby: There are many advantages to my hobby. Gardening makes my health and keeps me fit. I and my family get beautiful flowers, sweet fruits, and fresh vegetables from my garden. Sometimes we earn extra income by selling fruits, vegetables, and flowers. We can get fresh air from the garden which keeps away air pollution from our house. Gardening gives me pleasure. It teaches us the value of work. It is a source of Intertainment and keeps me busy in free time.
4. The Joy of Gardening: Working in my garden makes me thrilled. The cool and fresh air of the morning recharges my energy. The morning songs of the birds fill my heart with great, pleasure. The sight of the dancing flowers, bright green leaves, flying butterflies and honey bees refreshes my eyes. ‘ Advantages of Gardening: My hobby has come as a blessing and my family. I grow various kinds of seasonal flowers and vegetables. So we get a regular supply of fresh and tasty vegetables throughout the year.
5. Conclusion: Hobby is a great time pass. It keeps us busy. W can use our free time to doing some work. It gives us mental peace and physical advantage. So request anyone to do something. I am proud of my hobby.
2-My Hobby Essay in English 250 words
Introduction-Music is ‘the play of sound. It can be vocal or instrumental or a combination of both. The musician’s voice, as well as the sound of a musical instrument, can charm the ear and the heart. Pain and sorrow make us miserable]. But even a sad song soothes us. A poet has truly said : 
“Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought.” 
My love of music-Music has universal appeal. It appeals even to the lower animals. Even plants feel the effect of music. No wonder that I fell in love with music quite early. It was the radio which drew me first to music. Now I am quite a lover of music. I like western music. I like Indian film music too. But Indian classical2 music I like most. My love is not confined to listening alone. I play on the guitar. Playing the guitar is my hobby. 
My liking for the guitar-My choice of a musical instrument was determined by the records of Sunil Ganguli. He is one of the best guitarists in India. Whenever I hear a song on the guitar by him I feel that joy which is simply beyond words. But there were also other reasons why I chose the guitar for myself. Both Indian and Western music can be played on it. It can be played as a leading instrument. It can also be played in accompaniment3 to a vocal song. Nowadays it is very popular. Above all, my voice is not good. I cannot sing well. Therefore, I had to go in for a musical instrument, and I preferred the guitar for the above reasons. 
My practice on guitar-I started learning to play the guitar four years ago. I began with the fundamentals of music. I practiced ‘Sargam’ for a pretty long time. Then I was able to play a few simple film tunes. In the beginning, my performance4 was poor. But it improved after I joined regular coaching classes in Indian classical music. I worked hard on my guitar. I practiced on it daily for about two hours. By dint of labor, I have improved a lot. 
The advantages of my hobby–-The advantages of my hobby are many. My friends often complain of boredom. But I know it not, I never feel bored. If I have no work to do I play my guitar. As a matter of fact, I wish days were longer so that I could keep a longer company with my guitar. My guitar is my unfailing sweet companion. My guitar‘ is not a source of pleasure to be alone. Now Ipl
My hobby essay in English for 7,8,9,10,11,12th class
Introduction –A hobby may be defined as a favorite pursuit. But this is not its full significance. We have many professions which are our favorites but a profession is not a hobby. Because the distinguishing quality of a hobby is that it is not pursued with my object to make money as such. It then becomes a trade or a profession. A hobby is a pursuit whose primary object is a pleasure, not money. If we derive pleasure and do not wish anything more mm a pursuit then it becomes a hobby. Of course, a hobby may ultimately lead one to get money from it, but then it remains no more a hobby; it becomes a profession or a trade.
Kinds of the hobby- There are many kinds of hobbies. Some people like to collect stamps. Some like to collect leaves while others like to collect coins. Some like to read various magazines while others like to paint or play musical instruments. My hobby is gardening. A garden is a beautiful place. I enjoy the natural scenery and live with nature. The green trees,
the singing of the birds and flowers give me great delight. work in my garden I grow vegetables. I go with my father with a hold in hand and work with him at digging and weeding. I water the beds. I work with the spade and draw water from the well. These give me great exercise, and so I am very strong and healthy.l get fresh fruits and vegetables in sufficient quantity. 
They are very tasteful and useful because they contain vitamins. The gardening gives me immense delight. I get sound sleep at night. I like simple food. I enjoy the natural scenery and the gentle breeze. Conclusion Thus, gardening has become my hobby and I hope to do this work in the future also. Hobbies make for happiness. As soon as we find ourselves overworked or worried we can always turn to our hobbies. 
These are sure ‘to give us pleasure because they are our favorite pursuits. In this way, a hobby is a great contribution to human culture. It is a recreation, it recreates spend up energy and enthusiasm in our life. There are a number of hobbies in life. We must choose any of them or more according to our taste and inclination. A Visit to a place of Historical Importance 
My hobby essay in English for 10th class

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

1. Introduction: Man is not a machine. So he has to take shelter to some hobby the other. A hobby is a pleasant pastime. It washes away the monotony and gives fresh energy. It IS the best use of leisure. It gives mental recreation too.
2. My Hobby.- There are many kinds of hobbles e. g. singing, dancing, photography, painting, stamp-collection, gardening, hunting, and swimming, etc. I have taken up gardening ‘ as my hobby. I have inculcated a taste for gardening since my childhood. I am very much interested in plants and flowers, I have visited many beautiful gardens situated in big cities.
3. What I do for my hobby: I have prepared a small but beautiful garden within the boundary of my house. There are many plants with beautiful flowers. I am very fond of roses. So I have collected fifteen varieties of roses in my garden. There are various Other flowers too. Besides this, there are small fruit trees. In a small portion of my garden, I grow vegetables also. I work in my garden during my leisure‘time daily. I prepare beds of plants and water them. I also do grafting and cutting off the unwanted branches. I _take great pleasure in these works. Many times I present the fruits and flowers to my friends. When [pluck vegetables for my mother’ s kitchen, she 1s very much pleased.
4. Conclusion: My hobby is not expensive. I do not spend much on it. Other hobbies like photography etc. are quite expensive. My parents take delight in watching me working in the garden. Gardening is good exercise also. It keeps my mind fit. The beautiful scenery of my small garden attracts everybody who passes by ” The fragrant Howe“ the sweet fruits and the tasty vegetables of my garden are valuable wealth to me. I love my garden very much.
 My Hobby Essay In English Kids, Children, and Students.

“To be able to fill leisure intelligently is great art. ”

 1.introduction-Hobby means work done as a pastime. When We have no regular work, we want to pass our time doing some work which is light and full of enjoyment.
2. Kinds of Hobbies-There are many kinds of hobbies such as paint. ing, stamp-collection, photography, gardening, making toys, etc.
3. My Hobby-My hobby is gardening. I think it is the best hobby since plants and trees are very useful in our life. They not only provide us food to eat but also serve us in many ways. They make the air fresh and cool for us. Plants give us Hours. Trees give us fruits to eat and wood to burn. So I like trees and plants very much.
4. My Garden-There is a small garden in front of my house. We have planted some beautiful trees and plants in it. I water them daily and set right Hower-beds at times. This is a very cheap and useful hobby. It gives me great pleasure. It keeps me healthy. Our garden gives us flowers, fruits, and vegetables. It keeps the air fresh and clean.
5. Conclusion-My mother, father and other family members help me in my hobby. In my leisure time l look after my garden.
MY HOBBY Essay in the English language for your Kids, Children, and Students.

 MY HOBBY. A hobby is a tonic’ to our mind. It is like a lovely oasis in the vast desert of our worried life.” Anonymous.

 introduction- a hobby is such a work as we do often for interest and not for money in our spare hours. In old times the people had very few necessities. Life was troublesome. People had ample spare time. They could sit together and gossip. But now life has become busier. The modem man is worried. His leisure hours, when really free, make him all the more miserable. There are many kinds of hobbies Some like to collect stamps, some like to collect leaves, while others like to collect coins. Some like to read various magazines while others like to paint or play upon the musical instruments. ‘
My hobby IS gardening. A garden IS a beautiful place. I enjoy the natural scenery and live with nature. The green trees, the singing of the birds and the flowers give me great delight. In my garden, I grow vegetables. also. I go with my father with a hold in hand and work with the spade and draw ‘ water from the well. These activities give me great exercise and so I am very ‘ strong and healthy.
Description –I get fresh fruits and vegetables in sufficient quantity They are tasteful and useful because they contain vitamins. The garden work gives me great delight. I get a sound sleep at night. I like simple food. I enjoy the natural scenery and the gentle breeze. ‘ ‚ ConclusionThus gardening has become my hobby and hope to love and do this work m picture also. I enjoy my hobby a lot  and it gives me pleasure too

“The test of a good hobby is its power to make man happy and 

“My Hobby Essay for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and others. Find paragraph, long and short essay on My Hobby in the English language for your Kids, Children, and Students.