My School Essay for 10th Class 200 &300 Words

Write an Essay on My school essay for 10th class 

My School Essay for 10th Class -Nowadays all exams are asked on a question essay writing. It can be as my school essay, our school essay. here we explain an essay on “my school in English an essay“. 

1. Introduction There are several high schools in my city. There are also some higher secondary schools.and two Degree colleges. One of them is for girls. The other is for boys. My school is famous in the city’. I, love it very much. Name and Situation; The name ‘of my school is Excellence Higher secondary school. It situates beside the collector’s office, Ganesh Pura Morena. It is in the heart of the city. All persons know it’s for the best results and discipline.


. 2. My School Building:- My school Building is enormous. It has a grand gate. All persons impressed after seeing the building. There are forty rooms and a big hall in the school. There is a big library and also a playground near the school. My school has laboratory rooms for practical works.


. 3.My School Garden: My school has a beautiful garden in front of its building. It has many kinds of plants. Beautiful flowers grow in our garden. We sit on benches in our garden in the leisure period We make flower beds. We sow seeds. We keep our garden clean. I love and like this garden very much.

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4 Library and playground: Our school has a big Library of thousands of many types of books in it. Students get books from the library We read newspapers and magazines in it. Playground: There is a big playground behind the school. It is a big playground in the city. Inter-school all tournaments, organize there every year. Students play hockey, cricket and football, volleyball, and other Indian games here.



.    5.Staff and students: There are fifty-five teachers and other staffs in our school. My principal is a well qualified and kind person. There are over one thousand students. The teachers are well qualified. They teach with labor Their results are always high The students read about labor. Our discipline is ideal for All students obey it



.6. Activities: –There are various activities take place in My School throughout the year. My school board organizes Painting, competition singing, dancing competitions etc. every year. Many schools in the city take part with us. Annual function celebrated in February. Various games are also played the occasion of independence day.

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7.Conclusion: My school is very interesting. It is the temple of education. Here we learn moral duties and discipline. I enjoy studying and games here, I love my school very much