Excellent essay My school library for 400 word

My school library has a different kind of books. Our library is compartmentalizing because of the genre category of the books. Some sections of our library include health and fitness, encyclopedias, classics, fairy tales, fiction, cookery and science and space books. Librarian arranges all our books on shelves by the labeling.
We are expected to maintain pin drop silence in the library so that others do not get disturbed. It supposes us to enter the library, select a book of our choice and fill its library card at the back and lift our chairs and read the book until the end of the class. When we come to the next class, we are all supposed to give our librarian a written assignment on the book we read and reflect on its morals. I have read many books in my school library and it has helped me with my grammar and vocabulary.
We also have many books in regional languages such as Marathi and Gujarati and our national language Hindi. It encourages us to read these books. I enjoy reading the famous author Premchand’s stories in the Hindi language. They have refined my ability to speak in Hindi because of these books.
I also enjoy reading classics such as George ‘Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion and Charley. Our librarian is a respected woman named Stacy Dusza. We have much Interest in our reading. It is a good habit
We also have a computerized system in the library where we can type the name of the book on our computer and locate where the book has been placed. I use my school library for all my School projects. Our librarian taught us what a bibliography is and I cite the references I use for my projects.
My librarian always says ‘A good book is your best friend’. I believe in this phrase because I enjoy the time I spend reading the most and can say books are my best friends.
My library has long wooden tables and chairs where we all assemble during our library period. My library has helped me inculcate good reading habits, and it is my most favorite place in my school.