National Integration-the Need of National Unity Short Essay

National Integration

National Integration

Meaning of national integration-. National integration means the unity and solidarity of our Nation (countrymen). It means oneness of mind and purpose of the people of our country. National Integration, that the citizens of our country are inspired by the same national ideals.

A country of diversity- Our country has diversity. It has many several kinds of people. In our country, one geographical area differs from another. Our people speak several languages and practice several kinds of religions. They are different in castes and races.

Unity in diversity–   India is a vast country. It is very difficult to hold all the people together. We lost our freedom in the past because we divided into many groups. We cannot preserve our freedom if we do not have national unity. But the most satisfying thing is that unity in diversity has always been there. Even now we have spiritual unity in our country. Our nation is built on a sense of unity in diversity. The Constitution has given equal rights to all. No one is allowed by the communal mess in this country.

Dangerous to national unity–  Our national unity is threatened by several internal factors. The first factor is communalism. The riots which often take place in the different parts of our country pose a serious threat to our national unity. The second factor is the political demand for separation. The third factor is the backwardness and poverty of some regions. The demand for a separate Gorkha land results from it. The Punjab problem is a political and religious issue

Solution– We can maintain our national unity when we have, common national ideals and goals. They can achieve it through the medium of education. If our country has one culture and one pattern of education all over the country, we must have solid emotional integration. Thus we can say National Integration-the Need of the Our Country.

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