Our National flag essay writing in English

Our National Flag is a symbol of India’s vision of life and of the central, vital and eternal aims and ideals of our life. It is a high minded symbol. It does not flaunt military power, territorial possessions or economic superiority. It is not a challenge to other nations. It is ethical, spiritual and highly lyrical and inspiring in meaning and significance. Not narrow nationalism but universal humanism is symbolized by India’s national flag.

Our National flag Colour and Its colours meaning

Out tri-coloured national flag has a bright and flaming saffron-coloured strip at the top. This is the colour of the flame-like robes of the older order of monks in the world, namely the Indian Sanyasis. It represents the quenchless, eternal fire of life, the burning core of reality. It represents also the ideal of renunciation, sacrifice and service, the eternal Tapasya of life. It represents, finally, the Agnipariksha or the fire ordeal of our fighters and martyrs of freedom, and is a call to us to keep the lamp of our liberty ever alight.

The second or the middle colour of the flag is white. It represents purity. The white flag is universally recognized as an appeal for peace. So this colour in our flag suggests peace on earth and goodwill for mankind. It stands for world peace, Vishwa-Shanti. Shelley speaks of “the white radiance of eternity” in contrast to life which is “ like a dome of many-coloured glass”. When all colours mix and mingle the result is white. The white colour thus represents the unity of our multi-coloured national life. It stands for the national integration of India.

The third bottom colour in our flag is green representing nature and the greenery of the Earth. It represents the undying and colourful poetry of the earth. It is a call to us to keep alive our sense of kinship with nature. This ideal has kept ancient India’s life evergreen through the centuries.

In the middle of the flag, we have the Dharma Chakra of Ashoka. it represents the ever-spinning wheel of truth and life, the rotations and the revolutions of the planets. It symbolizes the balancing force of History and civilization. Both time and eternity the creative evolving and revolving forces of the universe, as well as poise and equilibrium, are represented by the symbol of the wheel.

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