Secrets paragraph writing exercise

What is a paragraph?

We shall explain here in paragraph writing exercise.The paragraph is groups of words which we use on a topic relating to one subject. It can become about 100 to 200 words on a subject. Its language should focus a particular subject. A nice paragraph in which we expansion of our idea and thought.It should Short and sweet and use the best content.

Solidarity. the first and important principle to be observed in constructing a paragraph writing exercise is that of unity. Just as each sentence deals with one thought. Each paragraph must connect with one topic or idea. Every sentence in the paragraph must be closely connected with the main topic of the paragraph. There should be no digression from this rule. in the words of Dr Henderson, “At the end of the paragraph, the reader should have, in a minor degree, the feeling that he gets when he reads the last sentence in a book”. 

2. Words Order: The second principle of paragraph construction is a logical sequence of thought or development of the subject in an order. All ideas should be connected with the leading idea and arranged according to their importance. The two most important sentences in a paragraph are the first and the last. The first, which should, as a rule, be the topical sentence, should arouse the interest of the readers and the last should satisfy it. The first sentence states the topic ~ a fact, statements, or a proposition; the last brings the whole paragraph, on the given topic, to a conclusion. 

 Assortment: The third principle of paragraph writing is variety. It should not read like a monotonous monologue. It should not be repetitive. 

4. Clarity: A judicious choice and correct placement of the words is very important for clarity and shows the writer’s mastery over the language. 

5. Style: Your written word reveals you. “Style is the man”, said the celebrated prose writer Walter Pater. It is important to be to the point, concise and pithy while writing a paragraph. A good paragraph should keep the interest of the reader alive till the last word. It should be written in a simple but effective language. In. Some Practical Hints for Writing a Good ‘ Paragraph ‘

paragraph writing exercise ofThe value of educational tours of students life

Educational tours are of great value in modern education. They bring the pupil in real contact with the world about which they study in the classroom. Firsthand contact with life has everlasting impressions on mind. Educational tours to museums, planetariums, places of historical interest widen the horizon of the students. They should form an essential part of any educational curriculum. Besides, they provide an opportunity to students to mix up with other students, learn while they have fun and most important of all reduce the distance between the teacher and the taught. Learning takes place in a friendly and informal atmosphere. Such tours break the monotony and help to maintain the students’ interest irr learning. They even promote team spirit, co-operation and tolerance among the students. They enrich the lives of the pupils and provide them with a wealth of experience to draw upon later in life. Most certainly educational tours should be given as much importance as class-room teaching. 

paragraph writing exercise To err is human nature but; to forgive, divine 

Man is by nature fallible and continues to make mistakes through out his life. Adam and Eve, the ancestors of mankind, lost the paradise because they could not resist the temptation of eating the forbidden fruit. We won’t be human if we didn’t have our shortcomings. We all yield to pressure and temptation, sometime in our lives. Thus, to err is human and it is unjust to hold it against a person for ever. We should be forgiving by nature. We should not nurse injuries, hold grudges and feelings of resentment for others. Forgiveness is a divine quality. He, who forgives and forgets is a large hearted person. People do make mistakes. However, it does not mean they should be punished for it, forever. Nevertheless, forgiveness is a two way process. If we expect others to be tolerant of our weakness then we too should develop the ability to accept the fact that, other human beings also deserve to be forgiven for their wrongs, faults and shortcomings. 

paragraph writing exercise

paragraph writing exercise of Environment 

Environmental pollution is one of the major hazards that are threatening the ecological balance. The air that we inhale is polluted, the water we drink is contaminated and noise pollution has managed to take away the calmness and serenity from our otherwise hectic and tense lives. One of the main sources of pollution is the heavy and congested traffic which causes the concentration of smoke and harmful particles in the atmosphere, which is a permanent or chronic cause of various respiratory disorders. The incessant felling of trees, building of dams and the upcoming unplanned congested localities have disturbed the ecological balance to an alarmingly high level. To remedy this situation the urgent need of the hour is to plant as many trees wherever possible and to shift the factories and mills to places where their effect on pollution of the environment is minimised. To control traffic, carpools must be made so that the emission levels from vehicular. traffic can be reduced .to. the desired levels.

Que. With the help of the words given below, build up a composition on’Grow more 

trees.” (M. P. 2011) (i) Importance of trees (ii) Services that trees provide (iii) Different kinds of trees (iv) Usefulness to animals (v) Need to planting trees  

Paragraph writing exercise of Grow More Trees 

Trees are very important for us. They are the precious gift of nature to man They provide us with the most essential gas oxygen which we breathe in and without which life is impossible. Therefore, they are also called the ‘lungs of the world’. Trees provide us fruits to eat, firewood to burn, timber for making furniture and houses etc. There are different kinds of trees like small trees, tall trees, bushes, shrubs etc. Trees provide various types of medicines and help to check soil erosion. Trees provide shelter to millions of birds and wild animals. The leaves and fruits are the sources of food for various animals. Many insects also depend on trees for their lives. Trees are our natural wealth and very essential for the survival of living beings. Therefore, we all should make our mind to plant more and more trees and pledge to stop any further cutting of trees. 

Que. Write a composition on your ‘Dream School’ with the help of the given clues: 

(i) Building (ii) Teaching Staff (M. P. 2009, 11) (iii) Playground ‘ (iv) Laboratory (Science computer) (v) Extra-curricular activities; (vi) Multi-media Room 

      Paragraph writing exercise  of Dream School 

I have been dreaming of a school ‘which may be considered an excellent example of schooling. My school will have a big building with proper ventilation and fine furniture. There will be well-qualified teachers with co-operative behaviour. We will have big playgrounds in our school to play various games like basketball, volleyball, football, cricket etc. There will be a well-equipped laboratory for doing practicals related to science. We will have a big air-conditioned computer lab with a good number of computers All the students 1n the school Will be given computer training; Extra-curricular activities like horse riding, skating, painting, » dancing, singing etc. will be a part of the curriculum. In the school, there will be a separate multimedia room in which students will learn and see graphics, cartoon films, animations etc. It will an ideal school with obedient students and well-qualified teachers. ‘ 

Que. Your school has recently celebrated ‘Cleanliness Week’ organizing a number of interclass competitions and awarded the prizes.’As the secretary 0f the Students Council of your school, prepare a report to be published 1n your school magazine in about 120 words. 

I Ans. Our school has been celebrating cleanliness week since 23rd Aug. 2017. In this cleanliness week, special attention has been paid towards toilets, classrooms, verandas, water tank etc. A number of interclass competitions like poster making, slogan writing on the topic Swachh Bharat Abhiyan were also organised and the winners were awarded the prizes. The main purpose of celebrating this week Was to create awareness a thong the Students regarding cleanliness and its benefits. On the last day, all the students, teachers and other members‘