price rise in India and common man-India-essay class 10,12th

Introduction Price rise in India is burning topic. Men and
men, rich and poor, all alike talk of rising prices. And on all occasions
bey talk of it. Prices have been rising for many years, But prices ross
suddenly sky-high immediately after 1964 when Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru
died. The steep rise in prices has affected different people differently.

The price rises farmers’ grain: The greatest, the rise has been in the price of grain or cereals. A mall section of Indian farmers produces grains fairly in
excess of their own requirements. They have gained by the price rise.
But those without surplus production are suffering from this price rise
The producers of vegetables, fruits or other cash crops have also been

The businessmen As a rule businessmen seldom lose by the rise in
prices, When prices rise they make a higher profit. It is in their own
hands to raise the prices of articles produced or sold by them
Shopkeepers with good and quick sales hardly feel any adverse effect of
price rises. Many articles of merchandise are in far greater demand now
that before.


The other people The worst sufferers of the rising prices are
the people with fixed income. They find themselves helpless to meet the
challenge of rising prices. There has been a considerable rise in the ways
of skilled and unskilled workers, Salaries, dearness allowances and other allowances of all salaried people have been increased. But this rise is never in proportion to the rise in prices, Consequently, people in service is hit hard by the price rise.

Conclusion To let prices rise force is to play with fire. It has given birth to discontent and strikes. To raise wages, salaries and allowances is no remedy, What is needed is that the prices should be checked from going, higher. 
 In other words, the price line has to be firmly held and without. If it is not done, one shudders to think what will happen to the country