Primary Education should be Compulsory for Child

1. Introduction-Primary Education is a very important and compulsory factor in the life of people. Most of the people in India are illiterate. Our country’s primary education was very barren before Freedom. After independence, the attention of the government and our leaders were drawn towards this and several steps were taken to educate people. 

2. Primary Education- In our country the condition of primary education is poor. Children are not sent to the schools. They are asked to help in, family in the work of earning money. Work on fields, factories, construction of buildings etc. is taken from them. Poverty is the reason for this. The x number of schools is also not sufficient. Good teachers are not available. 

3.Importance of Primary Education- Primary education is very important in our education system. it is the nursery where the children are reared as plants. As a building needs a firm foundation, in the same way, the life of an individual depends on primary education. The course and syllabus of primary classes are also not proper. There is a great variety in the structure of Indian society. There is no uniformity. There are several languages speaks in India. The social and cultural structure of India is also different in the world. The course and syllabus of primary education classes be should meet the future requirements of the society. The quality of the syllabus should be better. 

4. Dropping Problem–-Several students leave their primary education in the middle. The reasons are failures, illnesses, the parent’s reluctance and nonavailability of the teachers. For this awareness among the people is needed. The teachers should take interests. They should understand the problems of students and make the school in an attractive place for students. 

5. Right to Education-On last April 2010 the “Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act” has been passed. The act makes it obligatory on the state to guarantee education and ensure compulsory to the admission of children. This act provides some measures to make it successful. 

6. Conclusion-If our primary education is good then the basis of good will be strong. Well educated children are the backbone of society. The child is a future citizen. And on citizens depends the properly progress and well being of the country.