Report on NSS Camp in your school or college

Report on NSS Camp in your school or college

Report on NSS Camp in your school or college

write a report on seven days special camp organised by the NSS (National Service Scheme) unit of your school. With the help of the words given to produce a report on the NSS Camp

N.S.S. Camp at Pratappur Village, (2) 100 Volunteers ) Planting trees, (4) Cleaning of drains, (5) Adults literacy Classes,

Report on NSS Camp

The N.S.S. (National Service Scheme) Unit of H.S. School No. 2, Dhar, organised a camp at Pratappur Village. The Camp lasted for ten days. Projects were sorted out. Volunteers were divided into four groups. Tasks were assigned to them. First of all, five hundred saplings were to be planted. Plants were distributed by the Horticulture Department of the district free of cost.

The second phase of the campaign was to educate the villagers about the protection of the environment. Streets and drains were cleaned. The villagers took part in the Cleanliness drive enthusiastically. The greatest accomplishment was the successful completion of our adult literacy campaign. Fifty adults were enrolled for adults’ literacy programme.

Q.N- Write a report on the NSS camp organised in your school. With the help of the hints given below, produce a write-up on “The N.S.S.

NSS Camp at Baroli Village, (ii) 50 Volunteers, (iii) Planting trees, (iv) Awareness for girls’ education and a clean environment.

National Service Scheme (N.S.S) Camp Report About 150 Words

Ans. The N.S.S. unit of government school of excellence, No. 2 Morena, organized a camp at village Baroli in Joura block. The camp lasted for a week. There were a hundred volunteers which were divided into five equal groups. They were assigned tasks. First of all five hundred saplings were to be planted on the school campus and roadside. Plants had been distributed by the Horticulture department free ‘ of cost.

The Second task was to propagate the awareness for girl’s education in rural areas, especially in the tribal belt, girls are devoid of a good education. Our teams spread in the village and surrounding villages to convince the parents to give their girl child proper education. People were also made aware of a clean environment. They have also explained the importance of trees in our lives. The camp was a huge success. All volunteers enjoyed it very much. People of the Village were happy too.

Omprakash Singh Sikarwar
Write a report on NSS camp organised by your school

Subject: Report on NSS Camp Organized by [School Name]

The [School Name] organized a National Service Scheme (NSS) camp from [dates of the camp]. The camp was a part of the school’s ongoing efforts to instill a sense of community service and social responsibility among its students. The camp was attended by [number of students] and was a huge success.

Objectives of the NSS Camp:
The objectives of the camp were to provide students with an opportunity to serve their communities, to help students develop leadership skills, and to promote teamwork and cooperation among students.

The camp consisted of several activities that aimed at achieving the objectives of the NSS program. These activities included community service projects, leadership development workshops, and team-building exercises. The community service projects included cleaning up the local park, visiting a nearby orphanage, and assisting with various environmental conservation efforts. The leadership development workshops focused on developing communication and negotiation skills, while the team-building exercises emphasized the importance of teamwork and cooperation.

The NSS camp was a great success in terms of achieving its objectives. The students were able to serve their communities and make a positive impact. The leadership development workshops helped students develop important skills that will be useful throughout their lives. The team-building exercises also helped to foster a sense of teamwork and cooperation among the students.

In conclusion, the NSS camp organized by [School Name] was a great success and a valuable experience for the students. The camp helped to instill a sense of social responsibility and community service among the students and provided them with important life skills. The school plans to continue organizing NSS camps in the future to provide its students with more opportunities to serve their communities and develop their leadership skills.

[Your Name]
[School Name]

What is the NSS full Form?

NSS full form National Service Scheme. It is a public service sponsored by Govt. of India. NSS comes under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Govt.

What is the National Service Scheme (NSS)?

The National Service Scheme (NSS) is a program for the personality development of the nation’s youth empowerment. It is an active program run by the Ministry of Sports, Government of India. The students participating in its activities work with the people of society in the interest of society.

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