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Blood Donati

You are (XYZ) of Maharana College, Gwalior. Your school has recently organised a Blood Donation Camp on the occasion of its Silver Jubilee Celebrations. Now write a report as an editor for your local magazine on this widely acclaimed activity

 Report on Blood Donation Camp

Maharana College, Gwalior, organized a Blood Donation Camp on the occasion of its Silver Jubilee Celebrations last Saturday. About 50 boys had volunteered for donating blood. At about 10 am, a team of doctors of Scindia Hospital arrived in the school. The Camp had been organized in the School Auditorium. After the preliminary check-up of the blood donors, they were instructed to lie down on individual beds. The first to donate blood were the members of the staff. Soon, the students started donating blood. The DPE and other members of the staff were personally assisting the team of doctors. There was a kind of hustle and bustle in the camp. All looked excited about it. After blood donation, each student Was given refreshments in the form of milk grapes etc. When asked what the students felt after donating blood, they exploded the myth that one felt weakness thereafter. At the end of the function, each blood donor was given a card. The doctor and the Principal thanked all the students for donating blood for a noble cause.


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