Rights and duties of students Essay

Duties of students.There are Many duties of student towords school. Every student must follow it, like Clean the schoo campus, completing all homework assignments, respecting themselves and teachers, organizing their time well, to attend classes on time and regularly, taking good care of school property, reading on a regular basis, help the underprivileged students

Rights and duties of students.Their are no rights without corresponding duties and no duties without corresponding rights. The condition of the whole society is reflected in the condition of its students. If society, including the government, does not safeguard the rights of the people, it will be nearly impossible for the people to do their duty. A healthy and progressive social organization alone can create a healthy and progressive people. Let us apply these principles to the students who are the most precious charge and the greatest responsibility of society.

A hungry man cannot work properly? so a hungry student cannot learn or study properly. Among the first rights of a student are food, clothing and shelter. The home and the neighbourhood should not have a vulgarizing and debasing effect and receive love and kindness and understanding. Teachers who know their job, courses of study suitable to the ages and temperaments of students, a proper balance between work and play, sensible exercise and assertion of authority combined with sympathy and helpfulness on the part of teachers and elders, are among the just requirements and rights of students. Again, students would make mistake almost as a matter of right.

What are the corresponding duties of students? To be obedient and respectful to their elders and teachers, to be keen and eager to learn, to work honestly, to speak and write clearly and correctly, to be truthful, honest and straight forward, to be lively and happy, to learn self-control, to guard against the formation of bad habits, are among the duties of students. To shun disorderliness and slovenliness, to cultivate good manners and decorum are also in the list of student’s duties.

It should be remembered by students that discipline and good behaviour are great fun and not tedious tasks. Love of knowledge and the adventure of the mind should go side by side with the culture of the emotions. It is necessary to feed the head as well as to feed the heart. The spirit of sportsmanship, love of fairness, dislike of injustice, patience and moderation, loving studies and not carrying on studies as an unwanted task are also among the duties and responsibilities of students.

Above all, let students not only do their duty but love and enjoy the work they are to perform. If they do so they will not only become good students but happy students.

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