Sample business proposal letter for services

sample business proposal letter for services
Business proposal letters are general much more formal in style compared to informal letters Business letters of Business Letters are many kinds letter for discount in price, sample business proposal letter for services, order letter sample, contoh business letter, sample letter for purchase order request

(a) Circular Letters: The main aim of these letters is to advertise the business, offer incentives, push sales or to send necessary business information. Some Basic and General Principles of Business Letters are as given below: 

(1.) Use a formal, precise and to the point, modest yet affirmative, language. 

(2) Do not appeal to the sympathy of the gentleman with when you are corresponding. 

(3) Avoid blaming or finding fault with others. It tends to spoil your impression.

You are a Manager Madhu Electronic. Write a letter to the Proprietor, Samsung Products Limited. write a letter asking him for permission to offer off-season discount to your customers. Moonlight Fridge Company Ref. No. MPG/10/234 Station Road Morena 23 December 2018 The Proprietor Samsung Products Ltd Delhi Subject: A Letter for Offering of off-season discount Dear Sirs, It is a matter of great pleaser that there has actually been a tremendous boom in the sales of your products this summer. We have had a soaring business of your products this time. But now, with the onset of winter, our sales have gone down appreciably. I think that if we offer some off-season discount on the Fridge, the demand would soon pick up even in winter. Will you please allow us to make an offer of 10% discount on the catalogue price so about keep the hold on the market during the coming off-season period? Awaiting prompt reply. Yours faithfully, XYZ (Manager) You are the Principal Vivekanand inter College Morena. You want to buy 500 Uniforms and same quantity the pairs of shoes for the students of your school, Chambal Colony Morena. Write a letter to the Manager, Nike Shoe Company, inviting quotations. Sign yourself as ‘Manager’. Chambal Colony Morena 25 November 2018 The Manager Nike Shoe Company Agra Subject: buy 500 Uniform and same quantity the pairs of shoes for the students.

Dear Sirs, I want to want to buy 500 Uniform and same quantity the pairs of shoes for the students. School Chambal Colony Morena Therefore we need nearly 500 Uniform and pairs of sports shoes for our Students during this winter. We shall appreciate if you kindly send your quotation with the terms and conditions at an early date to enable us to place an order with you. Thanking you Yours faithfully, Vivekanand inter college Morena (Principal)

Office of the Principal  Government School for Excellence, Mandsaur

Date: 20 March 2008

 N0./ Sports/20017-18 

M/S Modern Sports, 
M.G. Road,

Subject: inviting quotation for purchase of sports goods 

 Dear Sir, 
                I shall be thankful to you if you could kindly let me know, Whether you can supply the following items of sports’ goods from your ready stock. If so, kindly quote your rates along with the brands available to you for immediate supply. 

  S.No.       Particulars        Brand      Number’ 

    1.        Cricket bat         Star                    10 

  2,         Hockey stick        Star                   30

 3.          Cricket ball        Golden ‘               40

  4           Football             Golden ~              10 

The quotation should reach my office latest by 3 pm on April 15th, 2017. If it approved by our purchase committee, I shall place an Order. for immediate. supply of the Goods

 Yours sincerely,

(Sudhir Chandra) ‘ 


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