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Save Water Save life Paragraph writing in 200 word

Save Water Save life -Water is a very essential part of man’s existence on earth. Thus we can say, water is as important as air. The importance of water can be compared to the importance of air. All living organisms be it humans, animals or plants. Everyone depends entirely on fresh and potable water. Thus, the essay on saving water is an insight into some unknown and important benefits of water for human to save life.

Water is the most important substance on earth after the air. There are other benefits besides drinking water. Thus, it includes cooking, washing clothes, cleaning etc. Water is not an important part of human existence. In addition, it is important for the survival of trees and plants. Additionally, it is a valuable element required for agriculture as well as various other industrial sectors.

Currently, the biggest problem related to global warming is a huge water depletion on Earth. This is mainly due to the misuse of water happening at various places. In the present scenario, it is important to understand the formula of water interaction and thus will save water. Because pure water resources are the primary source of all our needs. And when it gets depreciated, it can create a situation of massive catastrophe for humans.


Paragraph on Save Water Save life


Water and a healthy environment both are very essential for the survival of living beings. Water should be used in such a way that it can be easily recycled or reused. We must turn off taps while brushing teeth, collect water after washing vegetables, fruit cereals, utensils, cloths etc. and reuse it in gardening.

Now-a-days to meet the increase, demands of growing population, trees are being cut ruthlessly. Trees cause rainfall ay makes the environment healthy. Therefore, their ruthless cutting should be stopped. Ther are many ways to save water one of which is rainwater harvesting.

It is a process in which water is collected on roofs and through pipes it is passed into a tank or pond from where goes inside the earth and results in the increase in water level.

The discharge of wastes int water sources pollutes the water which is harmful So, measures should be taken to stop such type of discharge into water sources. Reckless and regular use of natural resources to meet the increasing demands of the population is causing a serious impact on the purity of the environment. So, natural resources should be wisely used.

It is the environment from where we get the first basic requirements of oxygen and water, therefore, it becomes the duty of every citizen to make efforts to save it.


How to save Water?

1 To save more water per day, use less water during defecation.
2 We should wash fruits and vegetables in a vessel filled with water instead of an open tap.
3 Accumulating rainy water is a good solution for defecation, watering gardens, etc., so that clean water can be saved for drinking and cooking purposes.
4 Use air compressors to clean vehicles.`


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