Science boon or curse essay 500 600 words in english

Science boon or curse essay-Two-line for user Science is a boon or curse– This is a reason for debate on technology a boon or curse. Some people count the benefits of science while some people curse it. It is not the reason for debate that science is a boon or curse. It depends on the user how he uses it. like a mobile phone boon or bane. Nowadays All Exams asks a question from Science and technology. It can be an article on technology boon or bane or Speech of science.       


1-Science is a boon or curse  or bane essay in English

Science boon or curse (bane) essay- science and religion are connected with each other. Because of science, we could live a better life. Hence we should organize science activities in our school and college. Therefore we should science project for science exhibition participate and give knowledge to our students about b science m nutrition and dietetics. we have been listening to alien short story ideas from our elders The modern age is an age of science. Science is a boon and provides many things for mankind.    It plays an important role in our daily life. Science a boon to mankind

 Science exists for man; man does not exist for science. The purpose of human life is a friendly development’of the’faculties of knowing, feeling and willing or doing. Material progress, unless balanced, improved and refined by academic, great and significant progress, won’t bring the satisfaction which all men search for. What will it profit a man if he grabs the whole world and loses his soul?
 Nobody ought to examine the centrality of science. Regardless, this essentialness should not be given to science to the impediment and surrender of other urgent things. As the craftsman says: Allow figuring out how to create for extra to extra Be that as it might, a more prominent measure of love in us abide. To over-burden the cerebrum and starve the heart is no bit of learning. The last target of life is not data regardless, cleverness. Because of the fact that theoretical thus long as speculative and associated science serve alluring material ends, science is a blessing.
Unassuming and quick transport, power, time and work-saving devices, progress in medicine and surgery, the enrichment of science as simulated waste products and other especially important chemicals, particles for peace, examination of space for the movement of data, lightening human persevering in a few courses, obtaining the time of abundance and achievement – all these go to show_ that science is a better than average laborer.
 Regardless, if science is allowed to cause continuing and demolition, if it is sans let without the control oversaw by great and human considerations, by then science transforms into a dreadful pro. We may allow science to enslave, or keep in servitude, in turn around nations, we may allow science to achieve expansionism and imperialism, we may allow it to twist up perceptibly an instrument of mass pounding through nuclear weapons or rockets with nuclear warheads, we may allow science to wind up clearly an instrument of mass hurting and germ battling, and after that science will no more be a tolerable laborer yet a horrendous pro.
There is a record of an attempt to outline a liquid that will obliterate each other dissent. Exactly when a villager saw a couple of understudies of science possessed with contriving such a liquid he sincerely asked them, ‘Yet where will you keep it?’ We are in like manner recollected the story of King Midas whose appeal to that whatever he touched should be changed into gold was yielded and with disastrous results. To be morally in invert however consistently advanced is not a blessing yet rather a criticizer. Like fire, Science is an average employee yet a horrible master 

2-Science is boon or curse essay 300 words

Science has changed man’s life from stone age to modern age which is also called the age of science. During the stone age, we find that man was helpless in the cradle of nature. Little by little man progressed in science with new discoveries and inventions. Scientific discoveries ma inventions have changed the face of this planet. Life today has become very comfortable ” an easy. It is science that produced and developed human civilization. Science and human civilization run parallel. Our forefathers lived a primitive life, and we are now living in the atomic age. 
Science has provided comfort to us in almost every walk of life. With the aid of modem cooking devices, meals can be prepared very quickly and easily. Food can also be Reserved for a long time. Clothes can be washed in washing machines. Science has given us fans, coolers, and air-conditioners to give relief against heat and cold. 
In the field of transport and communication, there is a tremendous change. Within a second we are getting news from any corner of the earth and also can send the same. We can also travel anywhere even in the desert and cold lands of the Tundra region, various means of transports are buses, trains, ships, and airplanes. We can send or get the message through telephone, television, radio, etc., which are all gifts of science. We are coming in contact with the various people in the world. So, the structure of civilization is totally changed. 
Electricity is another advance of science. It can change night into day, the machine to have which run our factories and industries. It has become the part and parcel of life and civilization. 
Science has also helped mankind in fighting against dangerous diseases. It has lessened the sufferings of human beings. Many diseases that were considered incapable in the past are now no problem. Now even the Operations of heart and mind have become easy. Science has made human life safer and longer. It has increased the life-span of man. 
Science has also increased agricultural production. Now we have better seeds better fertilizers, better implements, and better farm techniques. 
But this is one side of the picture only. Science has produced many deadly weapons Which can kill millions of people. So it can do good as well as ill. It is up to man how to use it. The terror of war is always hanging Upon our heads. The survival of humanity is facing horrible peril. The future of our civilization t; uncertain if the atomic weapons Spark the third world war. 
If science has made civilization strong on one hand, it has made it weak on the Other. If the gin of science m not prowl! M tune I: not far when we shall see the end of human civilization. So we can say that Science boon or curse (ban)

3-science is a boon or curse for humanity

1. Introduction: In the dim dawn of creation when a man opened his eyes he saw the blazing sun, the shining moon, the twinkling stars, the fast-flowing rivers etc he cried in amazement, “What are these? 
That question has been fully answered, today, by science.
The modem age is the age of science. The effect of science can be seen in all aspects of life. There are many wonderful things invented by science. In fact, it has brought about a complete change in the whole world. We can say that science has changed this world into a fairyland.
2. Science as a Blessing: We’ can discuss science as a blessing as below:

(i) Science in our Daily Life: Science has increased comforts in the life of mankind. Daily life has now become very easy with the help of science. Food can be cooked very quickly by pressure cooker and can be kept fresh for a long time in the refrigerator. Clothes can be washed in a washing machine without any labor in a very short time.


(ii) Electricity: Electricity is a great wonder of science. Science has given us fans and air-conditioners which save us from heat and cold. Electric bulbs and tube lights give us light. The machinery works with the help of electricity.


(iii) Means of Transportation and Communication: Science has made our travels more comfortably now. We have various means of journey. They take us to our destination in a short time comfortably. We have won distance by the use of trains, buses, cars,” steamers and planes. In fact, the far off countries have come closer due to quick services of aeroplanes. We can travel thousands of miles in a few hours. 

Science has brought a revolutionary change in the field of communications also. Telephone, telegraph, and wireless have made the world quite small. Radio and television are valuable gifts of science.

(iv) Medical Field: Science has helped us to tight many fatal diseases like TB. and Cancer. It has lessened the sufferings and miseries of mankind. Surgery and X-rays are great boons. Science has given eyes to the blind, legs to the lame and ears to the deaf. Diseases like the plague, cholera, smallpox, and malaria have been controlled by the help of science.


(v) Agriculture: Better with the help of fertilizers, medicines and better irrigation facilities we can take bumper crops. ‘Green Revolution’ and ‘White Revolution’ (milk) have given us a lot.


(vi) Entertainment and Education: Science has given us the cinema, T.V‚ radio, and many other things. It has given us calculators, robots, cameras, and computers. The computer is a great wonder of science. These inventions help in the field of education.

3. As a Curse: But this is only one side of the coin. Science has produced many deadlier weapons also and made wars most destructive by bombs and missiles. The world is sitting on a volcano. Any Laden or Hitler may explode it. If the Third World War breaks, it will destroy the whole world by nuclear weapons.

It has been rightly said, “The third world war will be fought with bombs and missiles but the fourth will be fought with stones and arrows.”. C.E.M. Joad

4. Conclusion: Gandhiji has rightly said, “Science has taught us to fly like birds in the sky and swim like fish in the oceans but it has not taught us how to walk on the earth ”In fact, there is nothing wrong with science. It is up to man, how he uses it. It is a blessing and a curse both. Hence, many should use science for the peace and happiness of mankind. It should never be used for war or any other destructive purpose We can say that
science is a good servant but a bad master.

“In the sky above, in the ocean below and on the earth in between-everywhere has gone the triumphant chariot of science. ” . _ Anon


“Our life, today, IS governed and conditioned by the offshoots of science. ”Nehru