Short Note of Bhagat Singh the Legend

Name: Shaheed Bhagat Singh
Birth: September 27, 077
Death: 23 March 1931 Lahore
Father: Sardar Kishan Singh Sindhu
Mother: Mrs. Vidyawati Ji
Sister-in-law: Ranvir, Kultar, Rajinder, Kulbir, Jagat, Parkash Kaur, Amar Kaur, Shakuntala Kaur
Uncle: Mr. Ajit Singh Ji
Legend Bhagat Singh was born on September 27, 1907 at Banga in Lyallpur district, now in Pakistan.
Sardar Bhagat Singh is named as the most prominent form of Amar Shahid. His native village is Khattad Kalan, which is in Punjab, India. His father’s name was Kishan Singh and mother’s name was Vidyawati. India’s greatest freedom fighter, martyr Bhagat Singh is the great power of India, He learnt us the dying in our country and this is the information of the country’s love.
Bhagat Singh Ji can never be forgotten by the sacrifice made by him can not be any remedy. At the age of only 23 years, he has given his life for his country. Bhagat Singhji had seen the atrocities of the British since his childhood, he said that the youth of the country can do anything for the country, change the situation of the country and can liberate the country. Bhagat Ji’s life was also full of struggle.

Bhagat Singh was a Sikh and at the time of the birth of Bhagat Singh, his father Sardar Kishan Singh Ji was in jail. The atmosphere of Bhagat ji’s house was a country lover. His uncle Ji Ajit Singh was a freedom fighter, and he was also Indian patriotism. Syed Haider Raza was also with them.
Bhagat ji was admitted to Dayanand Anglo Vedic High School. In 1919, when Bhagat Singh’s blood was opened by Jallianwala Bagh massacre and he completed the Non-Cooperation Movement organized by Mahatma Gandhi. Bhagatji was burning British books on the sayings of Mahatma Gandhi
Gandhi had to stop the forced non-cooperation movement on Chauri Chaura’s violent activity, but Bhagat Ji did not digest this thing, his anger was lifted up too and left the side of Gandhi and grabbed the party. He was doing a BA from the National College of Lahore and he met Sukhdev, Bhagwati Charan, and some fighters, and the fight of independence got even faster, and then he left his studies and jumped into the fight for independence.
He was also a superb actor in Bhagat Singh College. In his drama, only patriotism was involved, and because of the theater, he was always inspired by the young man for patriotism, and he used to make fun of the British and used to make them look down. In 1926, I made Bhagat Singh as the secretary of the Naujawan Bharat Sabha, and after that, he joined the Hindustan Socialist Republican Association (HSRAA), stored in 1928. It was made by Chandrashekhar Azad and the whole party came to India on 30 October 1928 after jute. He opposed the Simon Commission and was accompanied by Lala Lajpat Rai

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