There is no smoke without fire

Paragraph Writing

Short Paragraph There is no smoke without fire-To every action, there is a reaction. It is a scientific truth which holds true in all the aspects of life. Every thought, action or deed leads to some consequences which may be good or bad. When a person’s image or reputation comes under a cloud, he may claim innocence and deny having indulged in any excesses to deserve it. But if he allows himself to seriously look into it, he’ll certainly find that he owes it to some careless act. We all have to pay a price for our actions. A11 quarrels and disputes have their origin in some misunderstanding. A woman is likely to doubt the integrity of her husband if she sees him with another woman. Even the law believes, that there is a motive ‘ behind every crime, though it confines itself to proving ‘ a man guilty or innocent on the basis of evidence presented in the court. Therefore, no one can escape the consequences of its actions. Whatever one does is bound to cause a chain reaction. Hence, the statement is quite logical.

 There is no substitute for learning by doing

Life is a continuous learning process. We learn by observation, limitation, direct teaching, guidance, and firsthand experience. It has been scientifically proved that personal experiences create the most lasting impressions in life. We acquire skill in any work only after practicing and doing it by ourselves. A medical student, who spends nearly a decade in medical school, does not learn so much about his chosen field at school as he does on the job in probably a year. Mere academic knowledge is not enough to make a success of one’s job. Keenness to learn at’ every step in life, from any small event or experience is a necessary requisite for success in life. Undoubtedly, one learns through observation and others’ experiences, but there is certainly no substitute for learning by doing, something oneself. It stimulates the mind, arouses interest and provides a tremendous sense of achievement. Hence,‘ children should be encouraged to explore, investigate and handle everything that arouses their curiosity. They will learn and retain more by doing things themselves.

The fools of yesterday are wise men of today

Man generally resists change. He clings to old values, traditions, ideas as they give him a sense of security. He looks with suspicion on any new idea, suggestion or concept because of his feeling of insecurity. No wonder great philosophers, reformers, scientists and artists were rejected by their own generation only to be resurrected from oblivion by the succeeding generations. Thus, Socrates, who has condemned by his countrymen, is regarded as the greatest philosopher of the world today, thanks to his devoted disciple, Plato. Jesus, who was crucified for his message of universal love and brotherhood, is revered by a large population of the world. It is only posterity which has realized the worth of their ideas and restored them to their rightful place in the annals of history to inspire mankind. Therefore, men who
Were ridiculed in their own times, are the mentors of today.