Human Development Report is Published by Government

Speech Human Development Report is Published by Government

A Short Speech Human Development Report is Published by Government

Q.N. You are a Manoj Kumar Student of class XII. You are asked by your class teacher to prepare a speech using the table and some news clipping Human Development Report( HDR) is Published by the Government


Human Development Report is Published by Government

Ans. “We human beings are like the experimental frog that is kept in a Petri dish which is being heated gradually and finally the frog boils itself to death”.

Respected Principal, honourable members of the staff and my fellow school mates, I, Manoj Kumar of class XII stand here to warn you that we have to take some very strong steps very soon and at a very large scale if we want to save our dear earth from eminent disaster arising out of global warming.

Friends, the Human Development Report (HDR) has listed India at number four position in the top ten list of countries responsible for CO, emissions. Only the US, China and Russia are above us. According to the report India is responsible for 1342 million tons of CO, emissions annually.

The United Nations Development Programme’s annual report focuses on various aspects of human development like health, gender and poverty every year. The 2007 report makes a strong case for action on climate change which it calls the “defining human development issue of our generation.” The UN report says that there is a small window of opportunity in this century for limiting the global temperature increase to 2°C.

If this is not done, humanity will face a series of climatic changes that will wreak havoc on the planet. These will include flooding on coastal areas, crop failures, epidemics, severe water scarcity and increase in natural disasters. According to the report climate change will affect the world’s poor most. Global warming will initiate drought and flooding which will destroy the sources of livelihood for poor people in Africa, Asia and South America. Not only this, friends, we will make extinct 30% of all the land species.

The poorer sections will also be the most prone to health disasters like the spread of malaria and diarrhoea. Dear listeners, I implore you to act now and let all the governments of the world know that we students care for mother earth and we care for our future generations. Thank you.


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