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A short essay on the value of games

Why does the Essay important in Exam? Sports in the school

Nowadays each examination is asked an essay or speech on the value of the sports in the school. We should always know the importance of sports and games theory. It removes our dullness and makes us fresh and fit.
You can write a speech on sports and games or write sports and games essay   Here we learn how to write an essay on sports. Nowadays approx asking questions  related sports day speech and article on sports and games.


Essay on the importance of games and sports in the school
Games and sports are important for every human. It keeps us fresh and fit. So here we shall learn to write an essay on Games and sports. There are two types of games Indoors and Outdoors games. Indoors games develop our mind and outdoor games develop our body and keep us healthy. Gandhi ji always thought the focus on games and sports in the school.

Outline/Headline is:
1- Introduction
2- Good for health
3- Physical and Mental Education
4- Discipline
5- Develop Sportsmanship
6- Leadership Quality
7- Good means of Recreation
8- Conclusion

1-Introduction:  Games and sports are important for every human. It keeps us fresh and fit. Gandhiji Said “Physical training should have as much place in the curriculum as mental training” All works and no play make Jack a dull boy Development of the body is as important as that of the mind. Games and sports help in the development of physically and mentally matured development. It keeps us active and makes us smart.

2-Good for health: Games and Sports are good for health. They refresh the mind and fill the body with fresh air. They keep us free from diseases and provide fresh oxygen. They make us more active.

3- Physical and mental education: Physical training should have as much place in the curriculum as mental training Bookish knowledge would not lead to the proper development of a personality. Those students are a success in their life they have interested in any one kind of sport and play them after that bookish knowledge is must necessary for the development of brainpower.

4- Discipline: Games and Sports develop a sense of discipline among students. A disciplined teat ‘wins the game. The players abide by the rules of the games and the judgment of the referee. This teaches them the importance of the rules in life. Therefore, sportspersons It generally found to be more disciplined the others.

5-Develop Sportsmanship:Games and Sports develop the spirit of sportsmanship.  It means fair play and no partiality The Player plays with team spirit. Thus they learn the need for cooperation for success. With the quality, they prove to be good citizens in life

6-Leadership Quality: Games and Sports inspire the quality of leadership. Students are the rulers of the future, so it is essential for them to have the quality of leadership. Hence sport should not be neglected; every student should take part in games and sports.

7-Good means of Recreation: Games and Sports are good means of Recreation. They remove life’s dullness and refresh the body as well as the mind. We play games on feeling sad or boring time. Games help to take lost energy and make good body stamina for works.

8-Conclusion: Games and Sports are very important in our life. A student learns many things from sports like discipline, Sportsman spirit, mental outlook, Sense of humor and Co-0peration to each other. All these are important traits of a successful life. Students who take part in games and sports while studying seriously would become an ideal personality


Value of Games and Sports essay about 250 words for 9,10th class

Introduction-Government should compulsory sports in the school for each students.
Development of the body is as important as that of the mind. Games and sports make us healthy and fit for work. There is an old saying – “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

Importance- Generally people are of the opinion that for student games and sports are not essential. They are only a waste of time and energy. People Say Hero in the field is zero in the class. This saying is not correct. Games rules of the games and the judgment of the referee. this teaches players the importance of rules and regulations in life.

Sprit of sportsmanship- Games, and sports develop the spirit of sportsmanship. Players play with the team spirit. Success in games depends upon team spirit and cooperation is the first requisite of a man’s success.

Qualities of leadership- Games, and sports inspire the qualities of leadership. Players are the future citizens and rulers of the country. It must be made compulsory for every student to take part in school games and sports.

Conclusion- Games and sports are the food of the body as knowledge for mind and religion for the soul. if health is wealth, games and sports are the means of this wealth. We should not forget that all play and no work will make us worthless. We should have a balanced view “work while You work, Play while you play” So the games and sports have much Importance.

Advantage of Games and Sports 500 words

Advantage of Games and Sports Essay in 500 Words

lntroductionGames and sports are an important part of education. They help in the development of the physique and mind of the student. A sound body possesses a sound mind. lf we are weak and sick we cannot have a fertile brain. Games keep us active and make us smart.
The importance of health in humans. life could be very well understood from the following Arabian proverb :

“He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.”

Physical and Mental Education-Gandhiji said, ”Physical training should have as much place in the curriculum as mental training”. Mere bookish knowledge would not lead to the proper development of a personality. All work and no play make Jack are a dull boy. Mere studies would not surface. Similarly, mere sports won’t do. The two should be blended in a suitable proportion so that the students can have the best of them. They should not only develop the mind but also the body. Both are essential for a wholesome personality.

 Other Benefits-Games and sports do not merely keep us healthy and physically fit, they also inculcate in young people the duty of loyalty.
These qualities can be summed up in the word ‘sportsmanship. The first and the foremost thing that games teach us is to take the victory and defeat alike In every game, there are two parties. One wins and the other loses. The winners need not be over-zealous and the loser ones should not get desperate. Both the parties should greet each other heartily after the game. Secondly, games and sports teach us discipline. Every player must obey his or her captain. He has to play obeying all the rules of the games. He has also to abide by the decision of the referee or umpire. Thirdly, games broaden our outlook. The players need not have a bias. They should treat other players alike. The player ought not to differentiate between one another on the basis of nationality, caste, creed or colour. The games promote international brotherhood and affection amongst the people of the world. Thus, they promote world peace too. The Reliance Cup 1987 organized jointly by Pakistan and India is an example.

International Appeal-Games is beneficial not only to players, but they are also equally beneficial to the public at large. When a match is being played, spectators also enjoy it. They become one with the game and in a way take active ‘part in it. Besides enjoying the game, they learn many things from them. Radio and TV have increased the number of people taking an interest in games. Nowadays, people in any part of the world can enjoy listening to running commentaries of matches on the radio or watching them on the Television.

Value of Student Life-Games and sports have great value in a student’s life. The foundation for a virtuous life is laid in school. If at an early age a student develops the taste for studies and sports in a proper way, he can become an ideal citizen in his later life. The sport arena teaches many things to the students. It gives them discipline. lt develops their Sportsman spirit, mental outlook, cheerful nature, sense of humour and strong physique-all these are important trails of a successful life. If a student studies seriously and diligently and still takes part in sports and games he would make an ‚ideal personality.


Important Games and Sports in the school for kids

 Introduction-Games and sport is important part of any country. Games and sports are back boon and wealth of the country.We are a nation of over a billion people but our performance in the Sporting field has been very poor. Way back, in the 1932 Berlin Olympics, we beat America 24-0 in hockey because of the legendary Dhyan Chand. After that, hockey became our national game and we kept
Winning the Olympic Gold m it till the sixties

The Decline-Then began the anticlimax and not only Pakistan but countries like Malaysia, Korea and even Japan were ranked above us. But we did have sporadic moments of cheer provided by Milkha Singh and P. T. Usha in sports and in tennis by Ramanathan Krishnan and Vijay Amritraj and later by Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi in men ’s doubles. Not only this, we had our glorious moments when Kapil Dev and his team won the Cricket World Cup in 1983.

The Resurgence-Then came 2007 bringing with it a tremendous resurgence. Sania Mirza became the first Indian woman to rank 30th in women’s international tennis and Pankaj Advani and Pankaj Shah became world champions in billiards.

In August, Bhaichung Bhutia and his team won the Nehru Cup Football final defeating Syria, who are ranked 50 slots above us, in Delhi. And in September, we saw our resurgent hockey team, with players like Khandekar, Prabhjot Singh, Shivendra Singh and Dilip Tirkey under Ignace Tirkey, beat the Asian Champions, Korea, 7-2 to lift the Asia cup in Chennai. Later, in the same month, Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his team beat world cricket champions, Australia, in the semifinals of the First Twenty-20 World Cup in South Africa. Immediately after this, Viswanathan Anand won the second unified World Chess Championship in Mexico. And, to top it all, our tribal children from Orissa won the 10nation under-l4 tournament in London. And last but not the least, the Indian Cricket team recently repeated the history by Capturing the Cricket World Cup 1n the year 201 l and now holds a glorious crown of being World Cricket Champion for the next four years.
Isn’t it a season for celebrating the power of resurgent India

Essay  sports in the school  or college  about 200 Words

1. Introduction-Games are very necessary for us. There is a saying that a sound mind lives in a sound body. If we are weak and sick our mind can not work properly Games not only keep us healthy, but also make our mind sharp and quick. They also develop good qualities like a brotherhood, co-operation, and teamwork.

2. My Favourite Games-There are several games and a person plays one of the games in which he takes much interest. My favourite game is cricket. I like this game very much. In my childhood, I played With a toy bat and toy ball. When I grew up I used to play with the boys in my neighbourhood.

3. The Matches-Cricket is played at several levels. Many International Matches ‘ are arranged. People watch these games on T.V. ‘telecasted live. They take great interest in these matches. National feelings are attached to it. One day international matches
have become very popular.

4. A Match Played in Our School–A match of fixed overs was arranged in our school. One team was Principal’s Eleven and the other Teachers’ Eleven. The match was arranged on a Sunday. Many guests were invited. Our parents were also invited. I was in the team of Teacher’ Eleven. The match was fixed for 30 overs. Principal Eleven won the-toss and they preferred2 to bat. The openers of the Principal Eleven’ were Shati Mohammad and Gopal Nikam. Shafi Mohammad scored 12 runs and-was out caught. Sukh Dev was our bowler. Gopal Nikam played for a long time. He is a very good player. He scored 25 runs with 2 fours and 1’ sixer. Two players were run out. AH, the players were out in 29 overs with 100 runs. Then our team started batting. Our openers were  Mukesh Makwane and Nilesh Rawal. They played very well and made 50 runs. I could not make many runs. I was caught trying to hit a boundary. We made 102 runs in 29 overs and _ 2 balls. ’Thus we won the match. The game of the opposite team was also very good. .

5; Conclusion-Cricket is a wonderful game. It is more enjoyable when it is played with perfect honesty and fairness.

The value of games and sports essay class 10

Why is Important Game and Sports in the 🏫 school for children

A sound mind lives’ in a sound body.1 –Aristotle
“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. ”

l. lntroduction It is said that “Health 1s Wealth” We can have a sound mind only 111 a sound body. Games and sports play a very important role 1n the life of young boys and girls. On one hand, they give us recreation and on the other, they help in the development of body, mind and personality. They make life charming and useful

2. Advantages: Games and sports impart real education for future life. Many ‘ good qualities are taught by games and sports. Discipline, mutual cooperation, unity and obedience of rules are some of the characteristic features which form the total personality of the youths. A regular habit of playing according to rules becomes a part of their character. Classroom teaching does not impart that vital education which is the impact of games and sports.

Games and sports bring about national and international honours to us The players and athletes of different countries participate in various games and sports in the world competition. They try to show their skill with the utmost vigour. If they win they bring a name for their country

Games and sports make growing boys and girls honest and hard working. They learn patience,conf1dence and courage. Victory and defeat are equal 1n their view. This Sportsmanship makes their future bright. Moreover, they form regular habits which lead them On the path of success.

3. As a profession: In the modern age games and sports have become a profession also. Many skilled players and athletes earn a huge amount of money by competing in various

national and international competitions. By virtue of being good players or good athletes, they get jobs Wherever they go they get honour

4. Conclusion: Thus we see that games and sports are very important for the mental, physical and moral makeup of the youths who have to bear great responsibilities for the Progress of their country . So we are require that games and Sports period should be compulsory in the school.