Terrorism in India English Essay for Board Exam 250 Words

Terrorism in India Introduction – India is facing the problems of terrorist attacks. Nowadays, We Listen and read in News Papers about bombings in many areas of India. They have blocked our progress. The problem of terrorism is one of them. Now this problem has become a worldwide problem. Terrorism is the use of violence by a small group of people to get its demand fulfilled. Every morning we read in the newspapers about the cruel acts of terrorism committed by terrorists.

Terrorists murder many innocent people to spread fear. Sometimes fish plates are removed from the railway track causing many railway accidents. No person is safe these days due to this great evil of terrorism.

History-In the beginning this started for good aim. In India, great patriots used this weapon against the mighty British empire. They threw bombs, removed fish plates and killed many cruel officers of the alien rule with the pious aim of making India a free country. But the terrorism of today is different. It is against humanity. The terrorists of today are killing innocent people for their selfish aim.

Present Position of Terrorism—Terrorism is growing day by day. Thousands of innocent persons have met their tragic end in Punjab due to terrorism. In many other places also, besides Punjab, the terrorists have made life hell for people. The terrorists caused serious train accidents in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Communal Terrorism has appeared again in the new shape. Thus, the terrorists throw bombs on peaceful religious processions to create terror and disturb the normal life.

Such acts are harmful to society. People are so terrible fear that they hesitate in going out of their houses. They feel fear to assemble in the marriage parties too. The man has lost faith in man. We are afraid of travelling in the aeroplanes due to these terrorists.

Conclusion-If we want to live in peace, we should face the terrorists. The government should take the strongest action against these people as they are the greatest enemies of human society. Peace and prosperity can prevail if it ends with terrorism. Country first and anything else afterwards should be the motto of their life.
Terrorism in India: Its Bed affect in Society  essay in English

Terrorism in India is a burning problem for whole country. We can see terrorist attacks in everywhere in India these days. Here we will learn essay on terrorism in English and speech on terrorism in English, Write Kashmir issue essay Jammu and Kashmir have been bleeding for more than a decade now. Terrorism has taken over 55,000 innocent lives so far. And for all this our unrepentant neighbour Pakistan is responsible. We have seen terrorist Operations masterminded by Pakistan since the early 1980s. The initial target was Punjab and we all know the consequences of that. The people of Punjab stood up to the challenge unitedly and we could defeat the plans of the enemy.


After Punjab, the target has been the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Starting from 1989, extremist groups such as the JKLF, Lashkar-e-Taiba or the Harkat-ul-Ansar have been infiltrating into the state from Pakistan and committing terrorist acts against the civilians. Our armed forces and the paramilitary forces had contained this challenge also by the mid-1990s. Jammu Kashmir had returned to normalcy, economic activity was picking up, tourism was flourishing. In desperation, Pakistan turned into actions such as the large-scale massacres of innocent civilians. Then again Pakistan created the Kargil episode.


This time they intruded to hold territory rather than to infiltrate. Pakistan gave us a military challenge to try to alter the Line of Control (LOC).  However, our government is prepared to combat the nefarious designs of Pakistan. We have always ‘ advocated for diplomacy to achieve our objectives. We have. also been in close touch with the international “ community. This is not an internationalization of the; Kashmir question since they all recognize that this is a bilateral matter to be settled between India and Pakistan. We have ourselves made it clear that there is no room for third-party involvement, however well-intentioned.

 Russia has shown understanding and has expressed support for the action that we are taking. The United States has named Pakistan as the country responsible for the incursion. They have engaged Pakistan in trying to persuade it to withdraw. The Intruders. Some time back, the G-8 countries had recognized that the intrusion across the LoC was an irresponsible act and had called for the withdrawal of the intruders.  All this points to the success of our diplomacy and the correctness of our decision to engage the outside world more actively. Now that once again elections are around the corner in Jammu and Kashmir, militants have been struck at the groups of poor and innocent people. We must be realistic and recognize that our security requirements need to be met and that we are confronting an enemy who is resolute and unwilling to see reason.
Similarly, we need to guard against internal threats. Our foe is bent upon sowing terrorism and disaffection throughout the country. We are an open democratic society and are determined to preserve our freedom. However, the system permits unscrupulous elements to exploit it and to spread terror by killing innocent people. We must, therefore, increase our counter-terrorism capabilities and our vigilance. This is a long-term challenge, and we have lived with it for over two decades already. It is time to take resolute measures and deal firmly with a situation which is threatening to escalate.

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