The Educational Value of Films essay for class 10,11, 12th


1-introduction —The cinema occupies a very important place in modern life. There are several cinema halls big. cities, while small cities and towns have few numbers. I have seen it that a big crowd comes to see new movies with the aim of entertainment. Besides amusement one finds several things Which educate him from all the angles. The viewers watch the activities of the actors and actresses in the movies. The heroism shown by them influence the people the children and the youth: That is very helpful in developing the characteristic qualities of the viewers. The bad activities in the movies, which are undesirable in the society, carry a bad impression. The Censor Board should have the authority to delete such portions as contain violence, sex and burglary. The. the basic aim is to get entertainment and learn good things and not to pollute the human mind.

2-Knowledge of Culture –There are many good things it shows which in the movies like historical stories, ideas of various religions, systems of faith and worship, courageous activities, cultural aspects of various communities which are educative. A man learns all about this from such type of movies. ‘

3-Education-The cinema has a great educative Value on historical and geographical aspects. The films on historical subjects give us more clear and vivid knowledge of history. We know all about the historical events, which generates historicity in the human mind in a positive form through the films.

 4-Mean of Publicity –The cinema is an important means of publicity. The government uses it for placing its own programmes and achievements before the people to keep the updates. It is the cinema by which the people of the country know about our ancestors and their noble‘deeds. There are the films which show about the change in our culture and society in a chronological order. They are interesting and educative. We gain enough knowledge about various cultures and social setups of our country through cinemas. it helps in generating the feeling of unity and sense of belonging. We know about the richness am prominence in Indian culture through such movies. Cinemas are a very important means of social reform. In many films, it shows certain social evils like untouchability, child marriage, child labour, purdah system, dowry, sexual activities and so in an unfavourable light. This has a positive impact on the people, which motivates them to fight again these evils.

5-Conclusion- The cinema has a greater number of advantages than a disadvantage. Most of the cinemas are educative. The filmmakers can play a greater role to bring the improvement in making the cinema more educative and helpful to the people.

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