Debate on Internet vs classroom teacher

Debate on Internet vs classroom teacher “The Internet cannot replace a classroom teacher’. Write a debate in 150-200 words either for or against the motion.

For the Motion

Good morning, Respected Judges and the Esteemed Audience


Today, I am Ravi Kumar of class XII, have got the privilege of speaking in favour of the motion ‘The Internet cannot replace a classroom teacher’.

Our classrooms are changing today. The influx of technology has opened doors, expanded minds and changed the world. Though beneficial, technologies can never replace a teacher.

It is, no doubt, true that internet can solve a bulk of problems and provide us with all the necessary answers with illustrations to the students but it cannot replace a classroom teacher as it is devoid of any kind of emotion which is very much required while teaching children.

A teacher simply does not impart knowledge or information. A teacher leads, guides, facilitates and mentors a student.

The teacher understands the emotions and sentiments of the children, they realise the positive as well as negative feelings of the students.

During teaching, teachers have to face all types of students with different mental abilities and thus they adjust their teaching methodology according to them.

They motivate their students accordingly and help the weaker section of students in coming up. There are some queries which cannot be solved by the internet but only a teacher can resolve it.

Teachers help us to remain alert and active in the classroom during teaching whereas a machine can never do so. Besides, internet can never beat the knowledge of human beings. It’s not necessary that all the information provided by internet is genuine. The equation is that from where has all the information or knowledge on internet come ?

It is, we humans only who have fed it into the computers. In the end, I would like to say that a machine can never replace a living and breathing knowledgeable person. Thank you!

Against the Motion

Honourable Judges, Worthy Opponents and the Esteemed Audience. Today, I Karan, stand here to speak against the motion, “The internet cannot replace a classroom teacher’.

A modern classroom is defined by technology these days. Teachers, administrators, parents and students are being told that it is technology alone through which we can sharpen our education system.

True ! Personalised tech-infused learning is the future of education. In today’s age, the old school method of books and notes will not work. Teachers have to keep themselves updated with today’s trends and equip themselves with the latest in technology

Today, there is constant pressure on teachers and administrators to implement technology in class. A teacher will have to come out of the comfort zone and explore new ways through the internet, to engage the students.

The internet has immense potential to upgrade today’s educational  system. There may be a time when an internet-based learning environment will considerably diminish the role of a teacher in the classroom.

In near future, the teacher will not be able to function without internet and technology. The teacher will have to become a facilitator of imparting trustworthy information from electronic sources.

In order to avoid being replaced altogether by the internet, the teachers today need to strike a balance and empower themselves through technology

Thank you !

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