The miracle of language essay in English 500 Words

The miracle of language essay in English 5oo Words

The miracle of language essay-When several million years ago human children were born to subhuman parents who reared them up, these first human beings had no language. Today if a human child does not hear a human speech from its earliest infancy it cannot speak any language. It is true that man is the only animal to have inherited the gift of speech. But what about the language less earliest human beings?

They did not inherit or possess the gift or the power of speech. They lived in a savage state, not much better than the lower animals, without any language for thousands of years. And then without hearing anybody speak and without being taught any speech they began to speak. And they continued to speak for thousands of years lispingly and haltingly. Only very long afterwards was man able to speak coherently and fluently. This is the miracle of language.

Why was language born? It was born out of a dimly felt human urge and need to gain mastery over things and to enable men to work together for using those things. This was made possible by giving names to things. The first words invented by men must have been nouns. Verbs must have followed in quick succession. “Kill wolf”, “Kill stag’, Make fire” and other

_exclamations like these must have been the first sentences in the first-ever-born language of the earliest men. Pronouns, prepositions and the first adjectives must have come to the lips of man after the nouns and the verbs. Thus language was born for preserving the primitive group-life of man.

As human evolution continued from stage to stage the earliest song and story and the earliest beliefs of men found speech and language. Thus language, from an instrument of action, suppled into an instrument for entertainment and for giving expression to the feeling and emotions of the earliest human groups and tribes.

Long centuries must have passed before, with the help of language, the science of numbers of arithmetic was born. Measuring and counting things and observing the sequence of events and the interconnection between things, and developing language for all these resulted in the birth and growth of thought and knowledge and the earliest mythologies and philosophies. And this is a story which covered long centuries. All this was made possible because meanwhile, the art of writing had come into existence.

From now on language was to become a self-generating force and the most powerful instrument for the growth of civilization and of ever-increasing human experience and human knowledge.

Thus from the earliest shouts and exclamations, through the various stages of growth and development, the language grew to go on giving us the earliest religious hymns and scriptures, the earliest epics, to the world-famous stories and poems, the works of Kalidasa and Shakespeare and the other literary masterpieces of

the world. This, in short, is the story of the miracle of language.

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