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A postman is a very hard working and loyal person. He always carries a bag with him in which he keeps all the letters, cards and money orders. He keeps the bigger parcels usually on the bicycle’s basket. The Postman wears a uniform its colour is Khaki. He delivers letters Parscels money orders to door to door and street to street. The postman can be old or young. We should always respect him and welcome him when he came in our houses.

Postman essay start

introduction: A postman is a government servant. He distributes letters, parcels and money orders. He works at the postal service department that is commonly known as a post office.

Qualification: Minimum qualification for a 10this matriculation‘ He must be conversant in English, Hindi, and Urdu. He should be a citizen of India.

Work: The postman works very hard. He comes to the post-office and sorts the letters. Then he goes to his area and distributes the letters and mane orders.

Salary and Uniform: nowadays postman is a well-paid functionary. He gets a khaki uniform from the postal department. He is graded as a Central Government employee.

Usefulness: He is eagerly awaited by everyone. He knocks at the door and makes everyone run towards him. All work suffers in his absence. Sometimes he gives us good news and sometimes he gives us bad news. His work is very important. So everybody waits for him.


He is always welcomed Wherever he goes to deliver letters. When he knocks at the door, we come out and take our letters. Without him, we find it difficult to communicate with our friends, relatives and business colleagues. He remains punctual and keeps himself fit for the job. During the extreme heat of summer and on rainy days he carries an umbrella in addition to his usual burden.


He must not miss or lose a single paper. He serves as the most important link between man and man. The government is planning to use the postman to educate people on schemes and policies.

Conclusion:  Postman is the heart of the Indian Postal system.

The postman essay in English 200  or 400 words

  1. Outlines. 
  2.  Introduction.
  3.  His dress. 
  4.  His work. 
  5.  Our duties ‘ towards him.
  6.  Conclusion. ‘

l. Introduction- A few public servants are much welcomed by us, as a postman. Thanks for his arrivals, else people would not know anything about their far off friends and relations and would worry about them forever. lt is he who serves as a link between us and our nears and dears and keeps us in touch with them.

2. His dress-The The postman is a government employee under the postal department. One can easily recognize him by his dress. His uniform comprises of a khaki shirt, a khaki trouser and a khaki turban or cap. A leather bag hangs down his shoulder. He is also seen with a bundle of letters in his left hand.

 3. His work-The The duties of postman are more tiring than we suppose. When the sun is blazing over head he has, to go form ‘ door to door to deliver the post. He is not allowed any special winter vacation or a rainy day. He has to deliver the letters, parcels, money orders, etc. regularly and punctually even if he has to lay aside his food. A village postman has to cross sometimes flooded rivers or forests-full of ferocious animals, These hard and risky duties are done only for the sake of bread

4. Our duties towards him-Day in and day out the poor ‘ postman comes and goes and says nothing although deep down in his heart there is grief, sorrow, and frustration. Some good people, of course, knew his sorrow and pay him a tip‚but that is not enough. An earnest effort on the part of government is very necessary. He should be paid a handsome salary so that he may lead an honorable life.

5. Conclusion- J Miller rightly says, “It is a great disgrace to us as a nation if we are content to use the strength of a class of men and take no responsibility for their material and moral welfare. It is, of course, a blot on the fair name of a free country if our public servants without whom we cannot do, and allowed to live under street and strains.

Hard jobs of Postman essay

Introduction of Postman-The postman is a very useful person and he is a very hardworking person. His job is to deliver letters, parcels, money orders to the people. He wears a khaki uniform and wears a khaki hat. He always carries a leather bag with him which he hangs on his shoulder.

This bag contains the cache and letters which it has to distribute. In the first post office, he selects the region-wise letters. After this, he keeps the papers in his bag according to the area and he picks up the bicycle and walks to carry out his duty.

Postman Work- The postman’s work is very difficult and tiring. He has to deliver letters from one area to another, from one locality to another, and from one street to another. Gradually every region, every locality, every house merges in his memory.

People wait for him distraught. Some bring it happy news and some sad news. He works daily. Be it summer, rain or winter, he has to fulfill his duty.

Although the postman’s work is difficult and tedious, his salary is almost less. Very less as per the requirement. He is also able to spend his two times with great difficulty. When he brings pleasant news, people also give him some money in happiness.

On festivals like Holi, Diwali, Eid people definitely give him some money. When he retires, he gets a very nominal pension. The Ministry of Communications should pay attention to a traditionally important communication carrier. Although the government has taken some steps to improve its situation, they are not enough.

Nature of Postman- The postman should be polite. We should also be kind to him. The postman should be healthy and well-fortified, only then he can perform his duties properly. The postman also sometimes shows carelessness. He sometimes puts the letter in the wrong place. In which there is important information which is not available to the recipient of the letter and loss is caused due to communication loss. It becomes a kind of social crime. Therefore, we can say that careless postman can prove harmful to society. In view of the sensitivity of the postal delivery work, the postman should be honest and more dutiful as this work is the same and is expected to do the same.