This Week’s Top Stories About A Prize Day In Our School Essa

This Week’s Top Stories About A Prize Day In Our School Essay

1. Introduction-A prize day at school is definitely is a great day for the nation. It inspires the students to develop their personality from their early life and thus does a great work of producing useful citizens for the country. It _ also unites homes and school for the betterment of the students. Thus being. a part of true education a prize day is celebrated in almost every institution every year. It celebrated with Special zeal in my school this year.

2. Preparation for the prize day-Great preparation was made in order to celebrate this important day at a high level. Invitations were sent to great leaders esteemed gentry reputed journalists and the guardians of the students. The school building was -white-washed and was given a beautiful appearance by the touches of simple art to please the high taste. A nice seating-arrangement was made in the ‘Vivekananda’ hall.

3. Welcome to guests–At the appointed hour our principal and manager began to welcome guests and guardians with folded hands and warm smiles. N. C. C cadets stood on both the side of the way to the hall like the avenue of ‘Ashoka’ trees. Just in the nick of the time our honourable minister arrived. Amidst: thunderous, applause he was given a guard of honour and then“ taken to the pandal.

4-. Some items of the programme-Our honourable education minister presided the meeting. It.started with a sweet prayer and our national song, ‘Vandemataram’; Then a humorous one-act play was staged, It was followed by a charming magic show. Then came the chance for poems. The more we heard the more we desired. However, time was short. So our principal stood up and read his progress report. In the end, he appealed funds for the betterment of the college.

5. Distribution of prizes–At last, time for’ distribution of prizes came. The winners were called one by one. With bright faces, they came on the stage, saluted the guest and received the prizes with thanks. In the end, our president gave a short speech. He said. “True education makes us love and live. So task before us is not to make our students’ mere bookworms but true vacationists and nation builders”. With it, the programme ended.

6. Conclusion-A prize day is a “boon if our students learn from it to work hard. Work is an important condition of success. ‘ But if we work for the prize, it Would be good for nothing. True success comes from selfless work. Work is its own reward. Rightly says Lord Krishna, “Actions is thy duty reward is not thy concern.

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