Train Accident Report Writing in 100 to 150 Words

‘Train Accident Report Writing Using the following input produce a write-up
(1) A bus collides a train, (2) Location, time, date of the accident (3) Casualties and relief, (4) Dead and injured and reactions, (5) Blood donors, (6) Help of local people and higher authorities.

Train Accident Report Writing

Today at about 11 a.m. a bus collided with a running passenger train. The accident occurred on a level crossing near village Nipania. The bus was running rapidly. The driver thought that he would cross the level crossing before the train arrives, but the train arrived and gave a great blow to the bus. The bus was overturned and fell into a dry stream.

There were many stones there. About 3 persons died on the spot while 15 were injured seriously. Soon many people arrived and took the injured to a nearby hospital. Several persons offered their blood to needy patients. The high district authorities too arrived. Local people also offered their services. Really it was a Serious accident.

Q. 9. Using the following input produce a write-up on ‘A Train Accident? : (i) A bus collides with a train, (ii) Location, Time, Date of accident, (iii) ties and Relief, (iv) Dead and injured and reactions, (v) Blood donors, (vi) Help of local people and high authorities.

Train Accident Report Writing in 120 Words

Ans. A-Train Accident: When I was returning home from school, the scene was so hellish-a bus has collided with a train on 08-03-2018 at 1-30 pm. There were a number of ambulances, doctors nurses, as well as police and investigators. There were 20 people dead and more than 2 people were injured which included children, adults and old citizens.

There were many people who came in the form of god as they donated blood to those who were dying and cannot arrange blood of the same blood group. Many people helped the rescue team i saving the life of many injured people. Throughout the day there was panic spread in the air


     Train Accident  Report Writing 41 Killed, 68 Injured In Hirakhand Express

On one side, Indian Railways is planning to run a bullet train or a harbour train. In a yet another accident, Kuneru, Vizianagaram, killing 41 and injuring 68. Hirakhand Express tragedy Kuneru, Vizianagaram. The train was on its routine journey from Jagdalpur–Bhubaneswar. 11 coaches of the train were derailed around 5:45 p.m on 21 January 2017. in Kuneru, about 200 km from, Bhubaneswar.

Local people along with the rescue and medical teams worked untiringly to help the trapped and injured people from the derailed coaches. As many as hundred ambulances were rushed to the spot of the accident. According to some eyewitness, the cause of the accident was the repair work in progress on the track. A section of the track was found missing. It was alleged that the accident occurred owing to the carelessness and lack of proper communication between the authorities and the track maintenance department.

The Railway Minister ordered an inquiry into the incident. Four people were suspended, three others were sent on leave and one officer was transferred based on preliminary investigation. The government has announced all financial assistance to the families of the dead and injured.

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