Tree plantation drive | Tree plantation benefits-a Short essay


Tree plantation drive|Tree plantation benefits. Tree are very important to us. They are just like a friend to a man. They are the gifts of nature to man.


They give us fruits to eat and firewood to burn  They also support the life of living things. They give us oxygen. We make furniture and houses by providing us timber. Trees cause rainfall.


Nowadays due to various reasons, many trees are being cut. It causes ecological imbalance. Global warming increases. There is a need to plant new trees.


Tree plantation should be made a compulsory drive throughout the nation and every citizen should actively participate and do tree plantation.

2. You are Rajneesh Singh, captain of your school. There is a celebration of “Van Mahotsav”–You have to speak. Prepare notes for speech with the help of the following points ‘ (1) Addressing to quest and pupil. (2) What is Van Mahotsav? (3) The plantation is our duty. 
(4) How to protect plants by Civilians and Government authority (50 words) 

 Van Mahotsav or Tree plantation drive

 Ans. Van Mahotsav Honourable principal, dear teachers, and my dear friends today we are proud to celebrate the Van Mahotsav festival with an aim of conserving trees. 

Van Mahotsav is an annual tree-planting festival m India, celebrated in the first week of July. This movement was initiated m the year 1950 by India’s Union Minister of Agriculture, Kulapati Dr. K.M. Munshi. It is expected that every citizen of India has to plant a sapling in the Van Mahotsav week. It helps spread awareness amongst people about the harm caused by cutting down trees. People celebrate Van Mahotsav by planting trees or saplings in homes,offices, schools, colleges, etc. 

Tree plantation drive is our duty. Trees provide alternative fuel options, 
food for cattle, help in soil conservation and prevent floods. They are the best way to prevent global warming and reduce pollution. 

Trees are therefore our natural wealth and they need to be protected. The government should strictly apply the laws of fOrest conservation. Trees are being cut by a civilian for getting land to construct houses, to make furniture, etc., Govt. should make a check to it and see that a tree being planted for every tree cut Those who are found engaged in the activity of deforestation should be captivated under National Security Law. If both Govt authorities 

and civilians become aware of forest protection then only we can conserve them __ Thank You.
Tree plantation drive

Trees are Good Friend to Humanity or  Tree plantation benefits Essay about 250 words

Introduction-Trees are very important to us. They give us fruits to eat and firewood tö burn. We build houses and make furniture with their wood. They give us oxygen to breathe. They absorb the carbon dioxide which we ‘exhale. They produce starch for our food. 
Other Services trees cause rainfall. Hot days are made cool by trees. hey, check the surface soil of the earth being washed away by rains. Trees and plants prevent sudden floods.

Different kinds of Trees-There are various kinds of trees that fulfill our different needs, Rubber trees supply rubber. Every part of the coconut trees can be put to some use or other. The sap of the cow tree is used in place of milk. 

‘ Usefulness to Animals-The branches of trees give shelter to millions of birds. Forests give shelter to many wild animals. The leaves of the trees are food for several animals. Many insects also depend on trees for their lives. 

Other Importance-We value trees not only for their usefulness but also for their beauty. They refresh our eyes and mind. They give us flowers that make us happy. We worship Gods and Goddesses with flowers. The fragrance of flowers refreshes our mind and body. Trees help to check pollution also. 

Urgent Need of Planting Trees-Once upon a time large parts of India were covered with forests. As the population grew, trees began to be cut down for men’s use. That is how a great part of forest wealth is lost. We must, therefore, protect and develop our forests. We are trying to replace this loss. Thanks to the domestic LPG that it has saved a lot of trees to be cut down. Trees are the country’s wealth. We should plant new saplings wherever we can and look after them properly.