Tree plantation Poster: tree plantation poster drawing

Tree plantation Poster- Draft a Poster to highlight the importance of trees in our life appealing the people to plant more and more trees. Or design a poster to launch tree plantation campaign” in the area surrounding your school in 50 words

Tree plantation Poster: tree plantation poster drawing

tree plantation poster drawing

What is Tree plantation?

Planting is a process of planting trees, usually for forestry, land reclamation or landscaping purposes. The more trees there are, the more it is beneficial for our environment. Trees improve air quality by providing oxygen. They contribute to their environment in the long run by climate change, conserving water, conserving soil and supporting wildlife. During the process of photosynthesis, trees take carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Which we take as breathe. The jungle is our green gold. Keeping this in mind, we are producing a poster on tree plantation

What are the benefits of trees?

From the leaves to the roots, everything in the tree is useful to us, so the tree has all the advantages for every living thing. There are many benefits of trees ranging from medicines, food, clothing, protection. The speciality of trees is that no part of it is unusable. Whether it is leaves, stem, seeds, fruits, flowers, everything has many benefits for humans and nature.

What is the Importance of Trees?

There are many reasons why tree planting is important. One of the main reasons is that trees provide life-giving oxygen without which mankind’s existence is impossible. Trees give life-giving oxygen to each organism. We ignore the harmful effects on our environment. Not only is the use of technology destroying nature but it is also separating us from it.




Food and fruits



Rubber and Gum


Prevent soil- erosionRainfall

Prevent flood






Design a poster on tree plantation campaign slogans


tree plantation poster drawing


Slogans of tree Plantation Drive
  1. Life will be good when you protect the trees.
  2. My life without trees, there will be darkness in life
  3. Follow your true religion, save the tree and do the duty.
  4. Plant trees – save trees, make this world beautiful
  5. Conservation of our trees, preservation of our future.
  6. When the trees are safe, then only tomorrow will be safe.
  7. Protect trees from destruction. Let’s do our duty now
  8. Request it, do not cut trees again and again.
  9. Be aware, avoid cutting trees.
  10. Save the tree only then you will be able to breathe.
  11. If the tree survives today, our future will be happy.
  12. Greenery comes from trees, now look at the empty forests.
  13. One tree, one life.
  14. Let’s plant trees, save trees.
  15. Let’s play with trees, plant trees and save trees.
  16. Trees are nature’s protectors,
  17. Plant trees, save the country.
  18. Oxygen will hit, let’s plant trees


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