Tuition at coaching centres is not essential

Tuition at coaching centres is not essential

Tuition at coaching centres is not essential debate

A number of your classmates (especially those from science and commerce streams) bunk their classes in order to attend coaching centres. Write a debate in 150-200 words on ‘Tuition at coaching centres is not essential’.

Hints: (i) School teachers better equipped, (ii) Philanthropic approach, (iii) No infrastructure, (iv) Schools should reorient their teaching process, (v) Infrastructure much better at schools, (vi) Coaching centres—money minting machines, (vii) Competition oriented education.

Ans. For the Motion

Honourable Judges, my Worthy Opponents and Dear Students. Today I, Saurabh of class XII, will speak in favour of the motion, ‘Tution at coaching centres is not essential’.

We are all aware that coaching centres, particularly for the science and commerce streams, are very popular with students because the parents feel that their children will perform better in their exams by attending coaching. However, this is a misconception, as most coaching centres are a literally money minting machines for their owners, having no infrastructure, poor teachers who have been rejected by the schools, and very high fees. Thus, most coaching centres are not really useful. Besides, attending coaching classes can pile pressure onto children, and also take away the few recreational hours that they are left with.

In contrasts, schools have a better infrastructures with proper classrooms, multimedia facilities and all other requirements for a proper education. The teachers in schools are well-qualified, many of them having adequate teaching experience. Many schools run by registered trusts also have very low fees, because running a school is considered a philanthropic activity by people.

However, the schools should reorient their teaching process to make their education competition oriented. This will ensure that schools will be considered essential, while coaching centres will not be at all necessary. Thank you !

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