Uses and Abuses of Mobile Phone Speech about in 150 to 200 Words

  Uses and Abuses of Mobile Phone     Write Speech. Mobile phone of today is no longer a mere means of communication. Music lovers are so glued to it that they don’t pay attention even to the traffic while crossing the roads. This leads to accidents, sometimes even fatal ones. Write a speech in 150-200 words to be delivered in assembly advising the students to be careful in the use of this otherwise very useful gadget. Imagine you are Principal of your school. 

 Carefully Use of Mobile Phones Speech

Ans Good Morning, My Teachers, Colleagues and My Dear Students.

Today, I want to advise you to be careful in using your mobile phones, particularly when using headphones or earphones with them. Using such a useful device at the wrong time or place can sometimes lead to disastrous accidents. You might have read in the newspapers last week about the pedestrian who was mowed down by a truck in the city when he was listening to music on the headphones connected to his mobile handset while crossing the road. He was so absorbed by the music that he did not look on both sides while crossing and also did not hear the horn of the truck. Similarly a young man was killed by a railway train while crossing the tracks, as his headphones shut out the sound and whistle of the approaching train.

What do we learn from these accidents? Never to use earphones or headphones when crossing any road, railway line or other thoroughfare with regular traffic and also to follow the fundamental rule of looking on both sides for approaching traffic before we initiate crossing the road or railway line.

For Health- Mobile phones uses and abuses . According to some doctors, the conclusion comes that excessive use of mobile phones or cell phones is harmful for a person

I hope all of you will ensure your own safety in this regard and spread this word of advice to others, too.

Thank you

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