vocabulary test online . it’s has taken News paper

    vocabulary test online . it’s has taken News paper

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    Vocabulary test online

    Strong Vocabulary
    Is the foundation of competition knowledge and language . It makes a person smart.
    Daily Vocab

    Attain(~verb prapt karna) to gain.
    Eg. To attain well education you don’t need to go foreign.

    Compel(~verb vivash karna, majboor karna) to force to do something.
    Eg. If we need development in our country, compel government to do so

    by your vote power.

    Ravenous(~adj bahut bhooka) High degrees of hunger.
    Eg. I didn’t take breakfast today, feeling ravenous.

    Garner(~verb ikattha karna) to gather, to collect
    Eg. “I am going a suspicious place to garner some details” said inspector.

    Insipid(~adj tasteless, feeka) Tasteless edibles or boring something.
    Eg. To gain good health sometime you need to eat insipid meal.

    Repercussion (~noun parinam, pratighat) Result of an unpleasant action.
    Eg. Rakesh dealing with the repercussion of the war.

    Drowsy (~adj Aalas me) lazy before sleep.
    Eg. Usually we drowsy asleep after taking lunch.

    Pilfer (~verb churana) stealing
    Eg. She has been pilfered last night.

    Grotesque (~adj bhonda, ada teda) Extremely different from expected.
    Eg. Surendra draw grotesque cartoon of famous politicians in funny manner.

    Agile (~adj nipud) quick, smart and quicker.
    Eg. Dolfin fish are agile creatures on earth.

    Apropos (~noun abhipray k anusar) suitable or appropriate.
    Eg. The decorations of ceremony was apropos of weather.

    Hew (~verb Kat lagana, chirna) to cut(by Axe)
    Eg. To hew deeper in the wood the axe should be sharp.

    Coagulate (~verb Kisi drav ka jamna) The process of solidification of liquid.
    Eg. I got cut in finger, blood coagulate after a while.

    Counterfeit (~adj jaali, nakali) not original

    Seance (~noun adhyatim sabhaa) religious meeting, assembly of spiritual subject.
    Eg. Pop is conducting a seance next morning.

    Palatable (~adj swadisht/ruchikar) : Tasty food or something which is interesting called palatable.
    eg. Palatable food, palatable idea etc.

    Juggernaut (~noun Bahut bada, vinashkari) : enormous vehicle or Destructive.
    eg. A juggernaut of commercial culture.
    Note: This word is interesting because it is derived from Hindu god “Jagannath” destructive form of god Shiva.

    Scum (~noun Gandagi) : Dirt or filth.
    eg. Hitler was scum on earth. 

    Vacillate (~verb sandeh karna) :Confused and unable to take action/decision between two option
    eg. I Vacillated during exam and took lengthy question in hurry.

    Adhere (~verb chipak jana, palan karna) : To obey and support the rules.
    eg. You should adhere to the rules which are specified.

    Mavens (~noun praveen) : One who knows a lot(i.e have lots of information).
    eg.Economy mavens claim to decline in growth rate of India.

    Reinforce (~verb majbooti dena) : To strengthen by support of something.
    eg. Our education system needs to be reinforced.

    Penury (~noun bahut gareebi) :High degree of poverty.
    eg. Tribes of Jharkhan is facing lifetime penury.

    Repeal (~verb nirast karna) : To end the previous rule or law.
    eg. The new law repealed the previous one.

    Hiatus (~noun antaraal) : Interval, Gap.
    eg. Every movie have brief hiatus only to sell popcorn and cold drink.

    Consortium (~noun sangh/ sahayata sangh) :Association of minimum two individual or group especially for helping to each other.
    eg. A consortium of journalists has for months attempted to penetrate secrecy.

    Amok (~adverb pagal hona) :Got mad.
    eg. The dog which was shot dead got amok.

    Pretense (~noun dikhawa, chhal, kapat) :Showing off in negative perspective.
    eg. Everyone hate him because his pretense.

    Breach (~verb ullanghan, darar) : Breaking law or rule.
    eg. A breach of security.

    Labyrinth (~noun Vyakulta, Bhoolbhulayya) :Very complicated network like ‘maze game’.
    eg. A labyrinth of old fort made for some reasonable purpose.

    Vengeance (~noun badla lena, pratishod) : punishment/harm inflicted because of previous wrong-doing.
    eg. “You killed my son, I will have my vengeance in this life or the next” said maximus.

    Votive (~noun/adj mannat) : Fulfillment of vow(purposeful premise)
    eg. Votive offering.

    Irk (~verb gussa dilana) : Irritate or annoy.
    eg. Don’t do any irksome act in the running class.
    Note: Irksome is adjective form of irk.

    Depose (~verb apadasth karna) : Remove forcefully/officially/suddenly from office or power. 
    eg. Prime minister deposed all corrupt politicians.

    Ruse (~noun Chal) : Act or trick that use to foll someone.
    eg. That man ruse to make impression around us but failed.

    Reek (~verb durgandh dena ) : High degree of stink(unpleasant smell).
    eg. The reek of cattle scat.

    Mired (~verb kisi samasya se grasit) : Deep down, indulge in difficult situtation.
    eg. Luxury cars can mired down in Indian roads.

    Bolster (~verb majboot karna) : to strengthen something.
    eg. India needs GST taxation system to bolster our economy.

    Conducive (~adj sahayak) : helpful and/or favorable to someting.
    eg. Flash lights are conducive to capture good picture.
    Note. Conducive usually followed by ‘to’.

    Germane (~adj tark sangat) : pertinent to the topic/situation.
    eg. He asked questions which was germane to the topic.

    Adamant (adj.n. कठोर,अड़िग )Though Ram was admint in the beginning, he came round inthe end.

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