What is the sense of humour? Importance of humour in life essay

Humour meaning. Several theories exist about what humour is and how it performs social work. The prevalent types of theories responsible for the existence of humour include psychological theories. The social change model of humour predicts that specific characteristics. Several theories exist as to what humour is and what social work it gives mystical experiences. Some people claim that humour should not be interpreted


What is a sense of humour? Importance of humour in life essay -Laughter, the best medicine’, a phrase though as cliched as it can get, still manages to get many a Wise head nodding in acquiescence. A panacea for most ills, humour and laughter have proven to be therapeutic at most time and more so while dealing with stress at work and home.

However, developing a sense of humour is no laughing matter. Spontaneous laughter is an art. The ability to laugh at oneself and have a sense of humour is key to balanced living. As a leading psychiatrist, Warren Poland has written -“Humour reflects regard for oneself and one’s limits despite the pain. With such humour, there is acceptance for what one is.”

“Mature and emotionally healthy individuals laugh frequently and enjoy it. However, While trying to keep pace with a hectic and stressful life we seem to be thirsting for laughter and a sense of humour to pep up our lives. More and more people are unable to enjoy simple,‘ humorous pleasures. Humourlessness in some cases is even beyond repair. The real quality of life is dependent on the capacity for humour, the ability to laugh at oneself and at one’s place in the world. ’

‘ We all need to laugh from time to time. A generous sprinkling of humour at the workplace keeps up one’s spirit and adds immensely to the general bonhomie and work productivity. Finding humour in a situation and laughing freely with other can be a powerful antidote to work-related stress. It can help us look at our problems With a different perspective coupled With a sense of detachment. Our sense of humour gives us the ability to find delight, experience joy, and release tension. This can be an effective self-care tool too. Humour is about being honest and Open, it can be truly uplifting and can help one deal with fears and prejudices.

A sense of humour allows us to perceive and appreciate the oddities that life often presents us with. Laughter can provide a cathartic release and most of the petty difference can often be laughed away. Humour is the pleasantest way of telling someone the truth. Telling subordinates or colleagues that their work is not up to mark or reprimanding them need not be fraught with venom and vile. A joke a day can keep many a temper on hold.

When stress and problems at work haunts one there is no better antidote than to share a few laughs. Foul moods become a thing of the past if one is able to infuse humour into even the most mundane activities.

Self-deprecation sometimes not only works wonders ‘ from lightening the atmosphere; it also helps one to see things in better perspective. Comments and quips about oneself hurt no one and amuse everybody. If you laugh at yourself enough you .will be seen as a person who views life with clarity and perspicaciousness.

Humour is a universal language. It defeats pride, ego and vanity. By breaking down it brings people together and binds them into the string of humanity. We have laughing clubs which are becoming immensely popular these days just to combat the stressful lifestyles, especially in our metros. People enjoy sharing a few light moments with each other just to offload the hectic routine schedule.

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