Willpower Rediscovering Our Greatests are Harder than Acing the SATs

Willpower Rediscovering Our Greatests are Harder than Acing the SATs-Do you ever find yourself at the end of a long day at work you get home, you’re exhausted. You throw it on your stuff throw in your bag throw out your lunch and you get the meanest craving of your life and right at that moment the big internal battle begins should I eat this should I not it’s just once I can start over again tomorrow now fight it don’t do it use willpower use discipline don’t go there but it just so happens to be one of those days where you say you know. what I deserve it I need it so you’re given it tastes great tastes fantastic feels so much better after you plop down on the couch or right on the sofa you feel a ton better and then you promptly regret it and the next day when you wake up and you still regret it you blame it on having no willpower or not having enough discipline well you might not know that many things deplete your


willpower and some of them are not things that you normally think of but in this video, I’m going to show you how to refill that willpower gauge by willpower tank you can make all the right decisions every single day to get closer to all your life and your health and your weight-loss goals everyone it’s Alex the founder of modern health Funcom here now in 2007 a really interesting study was done in the

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology now in the study hundreds of college students were taken to do tasks I would use their willpower so for example in one group the students would actually have to watch a video of a woman talking and a woman giving directions but in the bottom right corner of the video every 10 seconds a random word would pop up and they would be told not to concentrate on the word so imagine watching a video you’re trying to stay focused and the researcher tells you whatever you do do
not focus on the word in the bottom but every 10 seconds a word to be popping up constantly in your face constantly interrupting your attention now in the other group, there was no task that required willpower so there’s no willpower used in the process and what
the researchers did was before and after the experiment, they measured the glucose used by the body and in particular the

brain so again remember the participants were either forced to do willpower using task and then do something or something that did not use the real power and then do the same task now in
between tasks one group was given kool-aid or lemonade filled with sugar so with glucose quick-absorbing energy but the other group was given Splenda, in other words, a buzzkill a total possible for the experiment now what’s interesting is that the placebo group that did not get the sugar actually committed twice as many errors in the

process and in the experiment now the researchers eventually concluded that willpower is a commensal muscle and does not regenerate itself very quickly but there was another experiment done on the nutrition and willpower link that showed something even scarier the second study was done by the Stanford School of Business on the Israeli parole system now in this study researchers analyzed 1112 parole hearings they wanted to see if there was any link between the willpower or the mental state of the judges that people actually you know the jury deciding the fate of these people in the parole system and the outcome of the people of the parolees now it’s important to remember that this is actually a very mentally tasking system so the judges are only given six minutes for each
hearing and they have to do something between 50 and 40 of them a day and they only have two breaks in a day for lunch in for a snack so here’s what gets really interesting after each break and in the morning so first thing in the morning and after

each of the breaks Deepali chances of being released were
up to 60% but by the end of the block so in other words after the judge been looking at these things for three hours and four hours and the break was coming up the chances dropped to near zero
every single time so in other words, as these judges got more taxed more tired more glucose deficient right as I got hungrier or mentally worn out as the willpower was more exhausted they ended up just going back to their default setting which was no so in this picture

here you can see at the top here at the beginning of the day where the energy is fresh everybody’s you know refreshed the ready to go this is a very high chance of getting off in other words but look

at further down the line a few hours down the line your chances of being released are not very good they’re very close to zero and it’s a very strong correlation because of look at the lunch break now you see in the middle here in the lunch break go to the top you see
the almost 60 percent it follows the exact same curve going down to near zero as they get more tired more worn out and their willpower is more taxed and exhausted and the same thing happens at the end of the day so just like in the


sweetened drink experiment in the first one I showed you where they were given a sweetened lemonade or one without the sweetener in other words glucose or no glucose these judges were actually making worse decisions or in other words default decisions without thinking about them once they became tired mentally exhausted and their willpower was just depleted all right
what does it actually mean for you though how can you apply this kind of stuff to your life you just need to be more disciplined and use more willpower no I’m totally against this kind of stuff this is not the secret to success the secret of success is habits tiny habits done daily so what does this actually apply to you for there are four ways, in particular, this applies to you but the bottom line
is that overall self-control partially relies on glucose so whether or not you’ve eaten and what you have in but let’s talk about those four things now number one your hardest tasks you should set for the morning in the morning you typically have the highest willpower your brain is refreshed glucose stores are pretty good even though you’ve been fasting overnight you’re refreshed you’re ready to go you’re more likely to make smart decisions because you could think you have clarity you’re not exhausted by the day yet so whatever is hard for you whether that’s exercise some new thing you’re trying to do try to do it before your day before the long

the day which is why most successful people in history have some kind of smart morning routine so they wake up they do the most important tasks first while they’re fresh and then do the rest of the stuff throughout the day or at the end of the day when they’re more tired number two make nighttime a no-brainer so many people that I consult for so many of my clients and students they get
frustrated because they get home from a long day of work willpower has been depleted they’re tired they’re cranky and guess what
happens they make a bad food decision they go out and get Chinese food and they drink two or three beers or two or three glasses of wine and I may regret it or they repeat it over and over and over for months and that’s just because of poor planning if you know that at the end of the day you’re going to be exhausted your willpower stores are going to be depleted you should be saving that for easy stuff so either have a meal pre-made have a frozen

healthy pizza if that’s what it takes have a premade meal have someone else make a meal figure out how to set the end of the day to make it easy to make the right decisions number three do you have an interview or some kind of exam or test make sure you eat before and specifically you want to be eating protein and complex carbs because complex cards have the fiber to buffer the energy release at the glucose so it’s more stable release energy more stable release sugar it’s going to keep you fuller longer as well so if you have something coming up the next hour an interview or some kind of exam if you can’t have brown rice and chicken have a
banana have fruit eat something that’s quickly

glucose and fructose for your body so I can get that kind of brain energy going quickly and the fourth is simply something I recommend don’t my programs don’t go hungry don’t let yourself go hungry it’s like that Snickers commercial you know whether all you’re not yourself when you get hungry right you get all cranky you get all depressed you get frustrated just eat more
regularly because that’s going to help you maintain self-control by having those complex carbs the brown rice right the whole grains if you’re okay with that the proteins eat regularly you shouldn’t be letting yourself get starving throughout the day and again that also

influences your blood sugar which first of all influences your willpower but also influences cravings as well so make sure you’re eating regularly and the kind of complex carbs and proteins that keep you fuller longer and give you that stable energy alright so that’s it for today please leave a comment below before you go anywhere and tell me what’s one the simple habit you could do today to apply in your daily life to get you closer to your health and your weight loss and your happiness goals that are all for now
take care and I’ll see you soon


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