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Some Words About Wonder of Science Essay-The modern age is the age of Science. It is progressing in every field of life. It is the greatest boon and blessing to mankind. It has made our life very easy. Science is progressing in every field of life like electricity Medicine Transport And Communication Means of agriculture Computer And other Invention science it is our good servant and we can not live without it. Science has given us many things that were impossible for us. Let’s go and studying some easy essay on the wonder of science with the outline and without the outline  

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The Wonder of Science Essay in English.  We are providing 4 essays for children here. Their word count is around 250, 300, 400 and 500. Their language is very simple so that children can understand easily because the Wonder of Science Essay is asked in almost every exam. Thanks 

 Outline of  Wonder of Science Essay

3-Means of Transport And Communication
4-Medical Science
5-Means of agriculture
6- Computer And other Invention
7-Disadvantage of Science


Long And Short Essay On Wonders Of Science For Children And Students or

The wonder of Science Essay  250 Word- 2

Science has changed man’s life from stone age to modern age which is also called the age of science. During the stone age, we find that man was helpless m the cradle of nature. Little by little man progressed in science with new discoveries and inventions. Scientific discoveries and inventions have changed the face of this planet. Life today has become very comfortable and easy. It is the science that produced and developed human civilization. Science and human civilization run parallel. Our forefathers lived a primitive life, and we are now living in the atomic age.
Science has provided comfort to us in almost every walk of life. With the aid of modern cooking devices, meals can be prepared very quickly and easily. Food can also be preserved for a long time. Clothes can be washed in washing machines. Science has given us fans, coolers and air-conditioners to give relief against heat and cold.
In the field of transport and communication, there is a tremendous change. Within a second we are getting news from any comer of the earth and also can send the same. .We can also travel anywhere even in the desert and cold lands of the Tundra region, various means of transports are buses, trains, ships, and aeroplanes. We can send or get the message through telephone, television, radio, etc., which are all gifts of science. We are coming in contact with the various people in the world. So, the structure of civilization is totally changed. ‘
Electricity is another advance of science. It can change night into day, the machine to move which runs our factories and industries. It has become the part and parcel of our life and civilization.
Science has also become possible to help mankind in fighting against dangerous diseases. It has lessened the sufferings of human beings. Many diseases that were considered incurable in the past are now no problem. Now even the operations of the heart and mind and other parts of the body have become easy. Science has made human life safer and longer. It has increased life-span of man
Science has also increased agricultural production. Nowadays in the field of agriculture has invented better seeds, better fertilizers, better implements, and better farm techniques.
But this is one side of the picture only. While the .other side Science has produced many deadly weapons which can kill millions of people. So, it can do good as well as ill. It is up to man how to use it The terror of war is always hanging upon our heads. The survival of humanity is facing a horrible Peril in the world. The future of our civilization is uncertain if the atomic weapons Spar the third World war de it weak on the other.
If science has made civilization strong on one hand, it has made weak on the other. If the gift of science is not properly used, time is not far when we shall see the end of human civilization.


 Magic of Science Essay in English 450 Words

Wonder bf Science Essay 
Science has many advantages but also many disadvantages. The field of science has innovated a lot lately. Read Wonder of Science 
1. Introduction-It is the age of science. There are many wonders of science. Science plays an important part in our daily life. It has made our life easier and more comfortable. Science is nothing but a systematic way of knowledge and living. Man’s qualities of curiosity, alertness and keen observation of changes in natural happenings have given birth to science and scientific study.
2. Scientific Inventions-Scientists have invented several things and machines-big and small-through observations of very simple events. Water boiling in a kettle has given us the idea of a Railway engine. Falling of an apple from a tree has helped Newton to discover the law of gravity. Electricity is the greatest invention of man. It serves us in hundreds and thousands of ways. It runs our trains, mills, and factories. It cools and keeps warm our houses. It washes and irons our clothes. It gives us cool air and entertains us through cinema, TV, and radio, besides lighting our houses. Modem life is impossible without electricity.
3. Means of Communication-Buses, cars, trains, ships, and aeroplanes are the greatest contributions of science. Man can reach any part of the world within hours. He has even reached the other planets with the help of science. The day is not very far when man will be able to travel easily to other stars and planets.
4. Medicine and Surgery-Science have not only cured man of terrible diseases, but it has also lengthened his age and made him healthier as well. In the field of Surgery too, science has done wonders. Heart surgery and heart transplantation have become ordinary things nowadays. Science has controlled incurable diseases like T.B., leprosy, and cancer too. _
5. Computers-Computers are also a great invention of science. They are helping us a lot in several fields. They make calculations at great speed. They are also doing a lot in TV programs, railway reservations, and other matters.
6. Atomic Energy–-With the discovery of atomic energy man has harnessed an inexhaustible source of energy. It can meet the demands of the energy of the world for a long time.
7. Disadvantages of Science-Everything has two sides. Science too has a dark side. The invention and production of atom bombs and other dangerous weapons are a great threat to the existence of humanity in the world. These can destroy the world within seconds. Secondly, big factories, mills and other machines have polluted the atmosphere. It is becoming more and more difficult to get pure air and water. Pollution of the atmosphere is also a great threat to the world at large.
8. How to Minimise the Disadvantages-By creating a healthy atmosphere we can keep the threat to humanity under control. We must have brotherly affections for all men and women. All threats of war must be ended. Secondly, by planting trees and in other ways we can keep our atmosphere clean and healthy.
9. Conclusion-Science is a great helper for the modern man. If properly Used, it can make the life of man healthier and happier. Truly it is because of Silence that man is called the master of the world.

Science Has Many Advantages But Also Many Disadvantages or

The wonder of Science Essay 
Introduction- Though orthodox people call science an enemy of mankind yet to an open-eyed man, science is not a course but a real blessing. It has done not only concrete services to mankind but also filled us with wonder by making impossible things possible for us. If anything that has made a helpless man the king of the universe removed the darkness of ignorance with the light of knowledge and change our thorny life into the bed of rose, it is nothing but the science.
2. Its Wonders in the field of recreation-Ten hundred years ago, people did not know the possibilities of great service that a lifeless matter can do. Who knew that photos will talk, Walk and sing. Who knew that a box’ like radio will fill our drawing rooms with, sweetest music. It was not possible for them to think that we can talk to our distant friends. just like we talk in our homes. Today television and radio have given new smiles to us. They serve as a  balm for our dullness after day’s work. 
3. In Industrial and Agricultural inventions- Science has also done true service in the field of industry and agriculture. If it had not invented tractors, industrial machines and new ways of-production, 3 good portions of our increasing population would have died of a shortage of food and preventive clothing against biting cold and heat. If it had not, made means of transportation such as trains, and steamships, our flood, and famine, stricken people would not survive in a lack of supply of necessary articles. So science is the saviour of mankind. 
4-. Its wonders in the field, of medicine-We, should also thank science for its‘ great services in the medical field. Its modern medicines have almost defeated the forces of death. It has done mäny miracles in saving people by means of surgery. Recently India, a child was saved from death by changing his heart by a dead child’s heart. A blind man has been cured by replacing his eyes with a dead man’s eyes.  So it is rightly said that science has given eyes to the blind, ears to the deaf and legs to the lame. 
. 5. Its other service- In addition to the above, science is doing great service than a human servant can do. It cools and warms our rooms. It cooks and serves neatly our food, it Washes and irons our clothes.   It lights up our houses. Only press the right button you can get your coffee with or without sugar. The day is not far when science will make our homes on the moon.
6. Conclusion-  But if science is used for satisfying greed and pride of man, it will act as a sweet poison, like an unfaithful wife. Wrongly used science will kill her own master. But it is right. use can Change our earth into heaven. Science is a good servant but a bad master Wonder of Science Essay In English 250 Word

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