work is worship essay in English -class 10th

work is a blessing from God


Idleness is a Curse


a short essay on evils of idleness

Summary of work is worship essay in English

Here we learn to write an essay in English work is worship essay in English for class 10thand 12th.Work is Worship’ means that we should be willing to work. The work is our pious duty. we should know well that work is worship to God and mankind.
Introduction ‘Work is Worship’ means that we should not be
unwilling to work. The work is our pious duty. To work in to offer
prayers to God. And like prayers, work bestows blessings on mankind
In other words, idleness іs a cure l attended by innumerable, evils.

Blessings of Work It was Carlyle who uttered the great truth

that works is worship” It was he, again, who added another truth
“genius is another name for the infinite capacity to take pains.” We
cannot but agree with Carlyle. Man’s greatness and superiority over
animals rest upon his will to work. All his achievements are the fruits
of his painstaking habit. Our civilization, our art, literature
science-all that we pride upon is due to man’s hard and constant
labour, By virtue of his hard work, painstaking habit, man has acquired
powers fit for good only.

Evils of Idleness Idleness is a curse. It is best realised by a
man who has no work to do or is disabled to do any work. Retirement
frightens people because it means no work. A retired man knows better
the value and importance of work. Often they become unhappy after
retirement. The disabled people live miserable lives because they
cannot work. Solitary confinement, which means no work, is worst kind
of punishment. This punishment best brings out the truth that idleness
is a curse
Moreover, “an empty mind is the devil’s, workshop”. A man without work easily falls into evil ways.If a man has nothing useful to do, he
will surely do something mischievous or wicked. It is a notable fact that criminals largely come from among the unemployed people
Harmful Work-It is true that the blessings of work are many.
But it must be remembered that all work is not worship of God and
does not bring blessings.That work which is harmful to society is not worship. In this class of work may be placed all anti-social activities
such as cheating, stealing, smuggling and killing. All harmful and destructive work is, indeed, the worship of the Devil, and not of God

Conclusion-Hence only that work is worship which is useful
and good for mankind, for its property and freedom from pain and