Write an Essay about Television advantages and disadvantages in 550 words


write an essay about television advantages and disadvantages. Everything effects on human life. Television is one of them but here we think the only advantage of television. It is a system for converting visual images (with sound) into electrical signals, transmitting them by radio or other means, and displaying them electronically on a screen.” the days before television


1 Introduction.
2 Great boons of science.
3 Discovery of Television
4 It’s Obstacles
5. It’s Importance.
6. It’s Future Progress? Conclusion.

1. Introduction: We are living in the age of science. Science has given us sources of recreations like radio, cinema, television etc. Along with the progress of human culture, there are many changes taking place in the field of recreation. Television is an important means of recreation In television, we can see the face of a singer, speaker or player.

2. Great boon of science: Television is a precious gift of science It produces a wave in human life. It has progressed our society towards development very short time the world constricted to a little place. We can see and listen to incidents occur g worldwide

3. Discovery of Television: Television is discovered in 1926 by John Logi Bared. He‘ was a citizen of Scotland. He has discovered Tele-camera and make surprised to all for its successful broadcast. It works with the help of a photoelectric cell. Light can be broadcasted to distance by converting it into electric waves. The receiving set accepting it and projected on a screen by converting pictures in the light. Previously the pictures have been black and white. Now, these scenes can be seen coloured.

4. Its obstacles: There are some obstacles to the progress of television in India. These are as follows:(i) India is a poor country. Television is considered as a luxury, (ii) India is a country of villages They are backward, (iii) There are no electric facilities 1n villages, (iv) There is only limited transmission center.

5 Its Importance: Television has got much importance in the present-day world. It ‘ is an important source of recreation. From it, we can see wonders of sound light and photography It is a cheapest and comfortable instrument of recreation We can see live cricket matches, battles, a parade of republic day, news, cartoon network for children, programmes of science, history, politics on television. There are 3.151,; Various programmes of songs, dances or music etc are shown on TV with the help of advertisements on TV, we find knowledge about new apparatus and things. We find the opportunity to expand our business with the help of TV.

6. Its Future Progress: The project to educate the masses was started on 15“ August 1975 by Mrs. Indira’Gandhi, the third Prime Minister of the country. It was started with the cooperation of America. The facility of coloured television in the coun. try has become a reality now. Our PM. stresses on its usefulness and popularity. It is hoped that by the end of the twelveth five-year plan, 909 0 population will be covered by Television transmitters.

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7. Conclusion: Television is an effective means of information and knowledge to the masses. India is a country of villages. It is much needed to spread the facility of television to a large number of men, women, and children. It should help the ma} masses in their education, recreation, and awakening.

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