Introduction-writing essays on my favorite book Besides reading the prescribed text-books. Iread other books in my spare time. During my holidays I read mostly the books outside my course. Thus every holiday adds to the books I have read. I read books both in Hindi and English and Iread
them both for knowledge and pleasure. But truly speaking, I am rather
partial, during my holidays, to reading for pleasure. I derive great
pleasure from books of light fiction

 my favorite bookOne book which I have recently read and enjoyed
most is an English detective novel, a detective yarn or rather a series
of detective yarns. The book is called The Singing Bone’. It is written
by A. Freeman. The quality of the book is that each of the stories is
divided into two parts. The first part tells us the whole story of a crime,
the second part describes how the crime was committed and by whom.
Each and every story in the book is interesting and engrossing. Once
begun it must be read to the end. You may ask how the second part can
be interesting after the whole story has been told in the first. It is in the
second part that the hero sets about his job, and makes this part more

The HeroThe hero in  my favorite book
 is a private detective. He is
called Dr. Thorndyke. His aim is not only to find out the criminal but
also to bring him to book. With his quick wits, his microscope and his
chemical tests he traces out and examines facts one by one. At last he
finds out the criminal and how he committed the crime and he
brings the criminal to justice and gets him punished. It is, indeed,
fascinating to see how the wonderful Dr. Thorndyke works and
succeeds in his aim.

The Author-I cannot help adding a word of praise abou
the author. The author’s knowledge of crime and criminals is
surprising. Not only that, he is also a master of English prose.
language is simple and effective. His descriptions and narrations are
lively and vivid. They all add to charm and attraction of the stories in
the book.
Conclusion-It is a pleasure to share one’s pleasure with others.
I therefore, very much wish that all my friends must read The singing
Bone’ for themselves. I am willing to lend my copy of them. But the

condition is: They must return  my favorite book.

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