Your favourite teacher Essay for class 10

Keywords-Favourite teacher in our society

Place Of Teachers In Our Society

Your favourite teacher  Teaching has been considered in our society as a profession with a mission. Each and every discussion on teachers invariably begins with a charged elaboration of the exalted position accorded to them by the Indian tradition for ages. Teachers were considered an embodiment of values, character, scholarship, leadership and as persons who practised what they preached. The place of ‘acharya’ and ‘guru’ ‘ is often considered higher than that of parents. There is a basic strength in this approach. All great thinkers, philosophers, creative persons, rulers and people who have changed the direction of human development attribute their achievements to their teachers, irrespective of the system and tradition of education _ which may differ from place to place. Such discussions often end with the lament that the teachers of today are no more the teachers of the past.

The period 18571947 could be considered as having great significance in the history of the Indian nation. These were the years when every Indian, irrespective of caste, creed, region or any other conceivable diversity, came forward to identify with a common national goal. Each and every Indian decided to free India from the foreign yoke. It is indeed amazing to learn that it was the teachers who played a silent but
most critical role in spreading the message of the. He was the only teacher who took part in the country’s freedom and played an important role in liberating the country. The teacher is the backbone of today’s society. the help of a teacher is going to society on the path of development.

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